The spectacle of Emeritus’ return complicates La Moncloa’s plans with the Crown


He sees how managing his return once again encourages debate among his allies over the monarchy, while they attempt to close ranks with Felipe VI.

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Pedro Sanchez accompanied Queen Letizia to the inaugural session of the conference organized by the Women for Africa Foundation.Emilio NaranjoEFE

The government does not expect a return of emeritus in the way it has. With so much entertainment and media prominence. Despite the fact that La Moncloa attempts to distance itself from its return and discharge responsibility and explanation in Zarzuela, it is the top of a triangle completed by the Royal House and Don Juan Carlos himself. The intention would have been higher measured returns with a lower profile. What it didn’t want was the first image of a head of state for four decades enjoying a regatta after his controversial business deals and legal scrutiny.

In government they say that the return of Emeritus is inconvenient for the Royal House, but it is also for La Moncloa. There were plans to move the Royal House from its position in demand by the society towards greater accountability. There was pressure for this but Jarzuela’s time and red lines were accepted. This was reflected in a royal decree in late April to reform the structure and operation of the Casa del Rey, agreed with pp. The issue of the emperor’s violence was omitted, whose reformation Pedro Sánchez defends. He omitted it precisely so as not to encourage debate about the Taj.

This disquiet in the government has become more apparent in recent hours, with demands that the emeritus give citizens an explanation for the content of journalistic information of recent years. And also in that Moncloa and the PSOE attempted to close their defense of the Crown to Felipe VI, separating his rule from Emeritus.

The aim of the government and PSOE was to move towards more open positions with the current head of state in terms of accountability and transparency, but avoiding issues that would create inconvenience or open a rift through which their peers could question the institution. The circumstances and circumstances that surrounded Emeritus’ return compromise that plan and oxygenate the criticism.

La Moncloa believes that the absence of pending cases does not prevent Don Juan Carlos from traveling. Yes, it was a question, as far as possible, to protect the moment of the return of the Royal House, although it is believed that the Emeritus makes his own decisions. Also, why didn’t he spend the night in Jarzuela, as it would be.

In a context in which the government, the PSOE, has decided to forge closer ties with the current monarch, in order to avoid issues such as violence and debate, so as not to give rise to a debate about the return of the monarchy, Don Juan Carlos, and how. can be given He has managed it and has once again opened the debate between his coalition partners, United We Can, and their governing partners.

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