The story of Belu, “Spain’s gummy bear” who became famous for his gesture towards a deaf child


Vittoria’s young woman goes viral after learning sign language to communicate with a child who works at the jelly bean shop where she works

Shop assistant goes viral for learning sign language to talk to a child’s customertiktok: @santobelen_
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belan santobetter known as beluThis is an unstoppable tornado. He is full of life at the age of 23. and his Love Thief Hasan Still alive in a candy store. beluIntuitive and generous, I found 11-year-old Hasan to be a different kind of guy. i saw it was deaf – “Write that he is not deaf and dumb, that I laugh when I read it somewhere”, he orders the journalist – and I learned Sign language To let her know how much he loves her. His story has won the acclaim of millions of internet users and has been viewed over 10 million times and garnered thousands of views. Likes,

belu smile with sweets At Pink Candy Stores, a place she didn’t want to leave, even though she felt “like a celebrity” when Telecinco called her to ask about her story. His nickname came up in high school because he thought “Belan sounds like a grown man and Stephen“. And this tiktokar VictorianBirth Montevideo (Uruguayan) and with Italian nationality, he was already claiming his brand.

And that seven years ago “did not give him life.” He discovered the beans with the same speed with which he converted hundreds of his experiences into images. assistant in factory Your mother, a waitress, recruited for two NGOs and, from April 22, the wedding dress,”gummy bears from spain,

After dozens of interviews reiterating how he first thanked Hassan with signs, Belen opened his eyes as he saw her in line at the store again, following him with his eyes. She was only working in the Pink Store in the city for a week and she feared the most. ,i don’t like kids“, confessed in the first video that I uploaded on the network on April 22 and was telling the story and picking up the newspapers brand You 20 minutes, Started breaking download records.

“I was wondering what is happening… On the night of April 27, my parents came home and my mother, whose name is Lourdes And she’s excited about life, she was happy”, recalls Bellu. It was the beginning of an endless high. popular people like Anna Pastor, Lola Indigo You Aitana joined them Likes and their little heart thanks for that tsunami true story full of emotions, Nothing Looks Fake In This Vittoria Woman Who Kicked Colds For Almost a Year Vittoria to add partners united nations refugee agency (UNHCR). “We had a great team, I won very well and I met my guy,” he explains. belu, He refers to his partner, the rapper mario vue,

Belen, who is also a secretarial student at a public center in the city, decided to keep the books. “It was very easy and it bore me, but I will finish my studies.” He says he wants to live his life, get his driver’s license and get a car. Unlike the usual of young people sitting on sofas hanging from Instagram, belu They turn it down for any public-facing job, “I treat everyone very well, but don’t let that happen tokegevos On duty because I jump,” he warns, and for a few seconds, he takes away his smile, holding tightly to a giant coffee with milk.

Beln writes down ideas for her TikTok videos in notes on her mobile and then goes over them and draws from her immediate experiences. When he stopped Vittorian on the road to make him a UNHCR member, he had several lecture, And now he improves after drinking Estrella Galicia. “I love this beer and, after the last few videos came out, I wrote them,” he confesses. When a delivery man came to his house with 96 beers, he jumped with joy. ,Do you know how rich they are? Richer than when you pay for them! The boy came to me with two boxes and told me that there are two more. What a joy!”, he recreates it while waving his tattooed hands and stands on the stool, which seems to waver.

beluNow calm, he announces that he already has several plans in hand. On Saturday he will join his “baby” in a cockfight organized by Red Bull in Madrid. “My kid is the best rapper,” he says. tiktokar, Who hasn’t earned a penny with so much hustle and bustle, steps on the ground and He wants to grow in the network without leaving his job with him gomilon, as she calls them to start smiling. “now I am gomilonera from Spain but I don’t want to be there,” he warns as he rushes to find stories to tell on TikTok.

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