The Story of Jorge Ignacio Palma’s First Victim: “He Gave Me Drugs Like Chickpeas To Hit Me With ‘Coca’ Rocks”

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She didn’t want to see him, and though she tried, she couldn’t hold back her tears. Confessed killer’s first victim Martha Baldo She was the last to condemn him. The 44-year-old Colombian M. saw his photo all over the news after the young Valencian woman went missing and in June 2018 identified Jorge Ignacio Palma as the man who nearly killed her. The woman described in detail – in fact the judge thanked her – how her meeting was, which ended in the Arnau di Villanova hospital in Valencia with her blood unconscious and abdominal pain caused by cocaine. “He made me drink a drug to kill me. There’s nothing more,” he said in a flat voice.

She told the story without seeing Jorge Ignacio, following a parabon and accompanied by a representative in the office for the victims of the crime. I was scared. The defendant, through his lawyer, wanted to see her, “to find out whether she was with him,” but the judge refused. This was not the only time he reprimanded the lawyer for his absurd questions. Jorge Ignacio’s mood in the purple shirt was a little less emotionless. He nodded several times and made notes in his defense.

M. cares for Jorge Ignacio because another of his roommates refused to join the ‘White Party’ where she worked as a prostitute. “For union guys it’s to snore with the customer, but those of us who know how to do the trick, we don’t. Since they’re so crazy, they don’t know if you take it or not, ” They said. By the time he entered the room, according to him, the defendant had a black bag with drugs, “with an impressive odor and amount. He had already prepared it, four stripes on a black tile, to the victim.” Recalled, who refused to eat “Later he suggested me to massage with oil, I noticed that his hand was closed… thought it was because he had turned off the air conditioning, but his doubts Confirmed when he was feeling unwell, he went to the bathroom.

His genitals “burned” and in the shower, “cocaine rocks the size of a chickpea, five or six, started pouring out. So I told him, what are you doing? Why do you put drugs in my private parts?” . In addition, he invited her to drink and it felt “like sand”. “I told him it was killing me,” she said. He didn’t bow down. He was a very calm person, he knew what he was doing. We deal with drunk men every day… and the man never took drugs, he didn’t have dilated pupils, he didn’t have any of the symptoms that we know of. To test him, I told him to put drugs on my chest to see if he would consume it. And spit. I was getting very scared.”

The girl, “too drunk” left the room in search of the manager, but he ignored her. So he went to the kitchen and picked up the knife. “You hit me but you follow me. So, Jorge Ignacio agreed to leave.” He completely drugged me (…) I told him I was dying and he kissed me on the forehead And said ‘Oh, poor girl, how does she like drugs…'”.

M. rushed to the hospital where he fainted and doctors confirmed his fears: “They told me five minutes and I would have been dead.” She tried calling Jorge Ignacio’s numbers, but he never found her. “Over time, when I saw that monster, that man, on the television screen, I recognized him. And I told myself he would continue to kill. So I gathered the strength and went there to condemn him.” It was not easy for her to sign her statement, as she did not want anyone to know that she was working as a prostitute, but she eventually formalized it. This is the fear that the alleged killer uses.

She survived, but was injured. “I ruined my life. I can’t have a relationship with any man because I’m afraid of them,” she confessed, as she also attempted suicide.

More than just cocaine in lethal amounts

Along with the testimony of the first victim, Civil Guard investigators and two doctors from the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valencia also appeared, both confirming to the jury that the amount of drugs found in the victims’ bodies was lethal and that the girls were using drugs other than cocaine. were exposed to the substance, which caused reactions that included fainting and loss of consciousness.

“Cocaine is a stimulant and the reactions described by the victims and the hospital reports we have access to do not resonate with ours. Because they refer to the initial stage of numbness, not of exaggeration. An anecdote of a constant. We do not know what adulteration or what substance may have been in the product that was fed to the victims.”

They also do not have an explanation of how the accused made the stones, since cocaine is water-soluble, but in this case they remained without dissolving in contact with genital mucous membranes, moist areas of the body, so they suspect that he Could use a caking agent. “We haven’t said that this caking agent is responsible for these different reactions to cocaine. What we want to explain is that a caking substance had to be used to coagulate the cocaine, but we don’t know that it What can happen; what can be done.

Both experts also answered questions for the first time from a jury that wanted to know whether cocaine could always be traced. “It doesn’t matter where it goes in the blood. Once it gets there, it’s distributed, a concentration is reached and it takes about 3 or 4 days to eliminate. Hospital tests I just say there’s or isn’t any cocaine,” expert.

In addition, both insisted that autopsies performed on the two fatal victims, specifically Lady Marcella, because Arlene donated her organs and there was little evidence, had revealed cocaine use. They have placed the “lethal dose” level at 5 mg and, in the case of Lady Marcella, the toxicological test showed a value of 9.31 mg.

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