The Strokes and Lorde burst a primavera sound punctuated by criticism of the organization


Festival accumulates controversy by last day limiting closing ceremony entrance

With Julian Casablanca at The Strokes, Primavera Sound.
With Julian Casablanca at The Strokes, Primavera Sound.EFE
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he’s on his way to death Primavera Sound, already huge celebration Barcelona It was proposed to throw the house out the window this year to celebrate the twentieth edition in style and say goodbye to the pandemic with the return of live music. With figures that can be considered logical: half a thousand concerts, 11 uninterrupted days of music, 160,000 square meters of venue… the numbers are so high they can hardly be managed. So if criticism of the organization coincided with the start of a celebration that was about to collapse on the first day, its closure runs the risk of adding fuel to the fire of controversy with the final event. brunch on the beach, And then the complaints every day: overflow capacity, endless queues, poor visibility of main stages, bad sound…

The Macrofestival has tested its limits yet again with two of the most anticipated performances this Friday. The main claims of the day were lordewho had not yet come on stage in Barcelona, ​​and the strokes, who should have done it last weekend, but unsubscribed due to a covid infection in the group. This setback with one of the main headliners prompted the organization to offer those who had the possibility to exchange tickets for one for this Friday, with attendance heavy. Floods and floods of people flock to see rock bands.

It was not so much enthusiasm with Lorde as his faithful had from the first minute. Glad to be here by the sea, he began by means of greetings to free the stream of his voice soon. No masterpiece. The New Zealand singer, songwriter and producer (and precocious artist to boot) stunned everyone with her low and beautiful staging. Even with that air of mystery that he infuses into everything he touches. And of course without looking for it.

Royal Family, his first single and the much-acclaimed Tomorrowland, gave him the tremendous success that took him years to digest. They finally achieved it, with That Freedom (Starting With Yourself) which is their third album, solar energy,

A dazzling Lorde (in a very tight black jumpsuit, yes), under a giant sun on the Pull & Bear stage, Primavera Sound demonstrated why she’s closest to Banana and the Incompatible’s adversary. Perhaps due to the influence of a poet mother. Growing up in the midst of poetry can only give an artist like him a chance to claim that pop shouldn’t be fooled. And, as he admitted, it’s his favorite time of year. it was noted.

El Gummi Corner by Pull & Bear.
El Gummi Corner by Pull & Bear.EM

After Lorde stepped off the stage, it was The Strokes’ turn. was expected to reunite with the leading American rock band Julian Casablanca, which exploded after 11 p.m. behind a pair of sunglasses. It had been seven years since he set foot on Primavera Sound and critics have already pointed to his 2020 release album, new unusual, as the most prominent in many years. And that The Strokes have had to deal with the ever-distorted label of saviors (of Rock, in this case), along with the self-destructive efforts of its own members.

If in the past they have experimented with solo projects, then in the present they have a good time together. enough. And that, as Casablanca sang as the clown, when I look around, I don’t want to see you, I don’t follow fool’s advice, I never listen to you. wrong decisions to start.

And bad decisions are what they are throwing at the organization. The festival will take stock this Saturday to see what was the last edition based entirely in Barcelona, ​​as the idea is to set foot madrid in 2023. But so far he has faced another wave of criticism. The controversy over the end of the party comes from Brunch on the Beach. This Primavera Sound concert ending Sunday turned many people out, despite being included in season tickets.

However, the organization’s announcement that it can actually be accessed only by prior reservation has once again set the public on fire. Access is very limited, warned by the festival on social networks. The problem came when the tickets were sold out in an hour.

Complaints were immediate, to which Primavera Sound has responded that concerts have always been subject to event potential. But there’s also a campaign on We’ve paid tickets for an event we won’t be able to enter, mourned those affected. The ideal end of the festival?

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