The territorial obscurity of Podemos: a reality from which Yolanda Daz can no longer escape


Andalusia, the last hornet’s nest, links electoral defeat, division and lack of insurgency

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Yolanda Díaz welcomes Iago Arren to the San Isidro meadow.EFE
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To the left Andaluca They have nine weeks to redo a project practically damaged by the latest territorial entanglement involving Podemos. The party is in a moment of fragile peripheral health after being dropped from the Por Andaluca coalition following electoral failures, divisions, lack of mobilization and now, an error, that has led Yolanda Diaz to break away from it. Party. Coalition, despite sponsoring the candidate Inmaculada Nieto.

The failure, Coalition sources acknowledged, could probably be resolved thanks to the inclusion of the heads of the list. purple as independent. Although there are more options, they insist from within one of the parties involved so as not to close the door for the other option. The enigma and cause of controversy in recent times is whether Podemos, which does not legally exist in this coalition and would appear only statistically as a formation, had the economic resources obtained by the parties seeking parliamentary representation. will have access to. It is such an extreme that no single formation is clear which can be achieved, although all express that they work to achieve it.

What is happening in Andalusia is a metaphor that perfectly traces the position of Podemos on the national outskirts: a group of hornets’ nests that Yolanda Díaz is obliged to inherit, but very difficult in her political plans. there is time. In 2022, in fact, the three purple delegations have experienced all kinds of internal earthquakes, which to a greater or lesser extent have affected the future of the second vice president of government, the broader front.

At the end of March, the Canarian deputy Meri Pita It was transferred to the mixed group of the Congress after the party leadership was condemned for its organizational difficulty. He was supported by 11 public officials from formation. canary islands, A movement that opened the channel to Podemos in the archipelago, a branch that was disrupted for months after the departure of Alberto Rodriguez when he was sentenced by the Supreme Court. Both seats remain vacant, which is a problem for the parliamentary stability of the coalition government.

a few weeks ago, she got this logru, There, Podemos decided to expel his only autonomous parliamentary representative and minister of equality from his ranks, Rachel Romero, For not donating a part of his salary to the party. Five members of her crew moved in with her suspecting that, over time, they would all come closer to Yolanda Diaz’s project in the area.

loss purple Nor do they refute this hypothesis to justify the division of the group, along with Pita and other positions in the Canary Islands, by Daniel Ripa and his critics. asturias -He condemned in December that the party leadership had interfered in the regional primaries so that the party’s candidate could win, Sofa Castan- Or the breakdown of the Podem in Valencia, which blew to death in September with the departure of eleven management positions after criticizing the purple project had no direction in the region.

well, the second vice president of government didn’t participate in the last campaign held, that was Castile and Leon, And Podemos suffered its last electoral setback: it secured one out of every three votes in 2019 and a single advocate after losing nine seats since 2015.

The second vice president refrained from joining 13-F and in Podemos he already believes he is the only one capable of overcoming the electoral trend in the fall since 2015, which has its center in autonomous communities. , as verified in the last steps. on the ballot box.

in galicia, Podemos disappeared from the regional chamber and in Basque Country Less than half the delegates remained in 2020. only in Catalonia Under a different brand of Commons, it remains a remarkably dominant force.

En. the subject of How That’s right, an important part of the meeting of Daz’s new proposal. Ada Colau, along with Monica Oltra and Monica García, acted with the vice president in organizing other policies. Valencia at the end of last year. This was seen as an early sign of a broader front and the group on which Dazs would lean to formulate its plan on a national scale without relying too heavily on Podemos.

But, many things have changed since then: Oltra is close to being charged and may even leave the Valencian Council; A shadow, investigated, who has also tormented Kolau. And Garcia made it clear this week that he has no intention of copying the Andalusian model in Madrid. For all of these reasons, Diaz is more dependent on Podemos than she expected right now.

This final reflection was underlined this week by Pablo Iglesias himself, who described what happened in Andalusia as shameful and blamed Dazs for withdrawing from the project after nominating the list’s head.

Relations between the two have deteriorated and criticism of the former leader purple Towards a second vice president have multiplied in recent weeks. However, from labor Ministry They give little importance to their words and admit that they do not listen to all the statements made by Iglesias.

For its part, from Podemos they insist that the former vice president does not speak on behalf of anyone else and refute Daz: Andalusia is the first broad front available to the vice president, despite the fact that he has not yet Have not confirmed which ranks would be the degree of their participation in the election campaign purple They take it for granted that he will be more involved in the feud with Castilla y León. Certainly, dispose of the sources that have been consulted.

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