The Treasury works so that “electric companies contribute more” and does not rule out immediate measures, although it rejects ‘through Dazs’


The Vice President now calls for taxes and reminds Monteiro “with all the love” that it is not possible to include new figures in the budget. Ribeira joins the battle and remembers that the power belongs to the treasure.

Second Vice President, Yolanda Do
The second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, and the finance minister, Maria Jess Monteiro.EFE

Second Vice President and Labor Minister, Yolanda Daz is giving tax class The Minister of Finance, Maria Jess Monteiro, is received with some confusion in his ministry. Teresa Ribera, Third Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition, said it was necessary Hear more What Monteiro says And don’t follow those lessons from Dazs so much. And amid this new display of flurry and confrontation within the government, the intention is to “Electricians contribute more“That is the only thing that all the organs of the executive agree on. Or, at least, possibly.

The exchange of statements this Wednesday actually began the day before, when Monteiro confirmed that electric companies should contribute more, but finding the right vehicles is essential. And the best way to do this is to analyze the discussion about the 2023 budget, if Power companies and oil companies must also make “some sort of additional contribution”.,

Already this Thursday morning and from Brussels, Diaz responded to this statement by reminding Monteiro, “with all the love in the world“, that the Constitution does not allow the inclusion of new taxes in the budget.” It is not possible to create this tax through the legislation of the general state budget by a pure constitutional mandate, therefore, in this case, reason helps us and Yes, make laws immediately To make this tax figure”, underlined the second vice president.

And that’s right, the new taxes may not be included in the budget, but according to the Treasury, Montero never pointed this out, Not without some confusion, they explain what can be done, and has in fact been done on more occasions, with the creation of a new figure to go with PGE. But what’s more, it’s not clear how much the electricians contribute more than they add up, creating a new figure.

This can be done through corporate tax, by increasing the effective rate, expanding the tax base of tax or by changing the taxation of extraordinary profits. And they add to the treasury that they don’t rule out that any of the actions they’re working on are enforced immediately. Let them go The decree included that the reduction of 20 cents should extend liters of fuel.

The second member of the government directly affected by the controversy, the Third Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, had yet to make a statement, and what she has said is that the tax is a matter for Monteiro. He is the one who rules in taxation. “Therefore, we must Be more aware of what Maria Jesus Monteiro says Compared to what Yolanda Daz says,” he summarized.

“Yolanda Díaz says something that is part of the vision of the coalition government and that in this situation we must respond to the needs of citizens in a more balanced and fair manner, so that costs are distributed more equitably. But to design the tax system at that time, It is clear that the leadership is headed by the Ministry of Finance”, he added, as reported by Europa Press.

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