The TSJ begins deliberations on the Oltra case, responding to the prosecutor’s office: “If the truth is unreliable, then this country has a democratic defense problem”.


The Vice President does not deny that the tone of the letter was shocking and insists that the allegations should be based on “facts”, not “conjecture”.

Manika Oltra after the council’s press conference.EFE
  • written The Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that Oltra discovered a “pre-established plan” to discredit the victim of her ex-husband’s abuse

The Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community has begun deliberation on Vice President Monica Oltra’s charge of managing the abuse of a minor by her ex-husband. The rigor with which the TSJ prosecutor’s office has ruled on her charge has taken the comproms’ leader by surprise—”I’d be lying if I didn’t say”, he assured—and prompted him to rebel again. , as her defense had already done, against allegations that are believed to be based on “lucubration and conjecture”.

Oltra Spain 2000 appeared after a meeting of the Valencian government organized under the slogan of protest by a dozen representatives of the party, who carried the banner of ‘Oltra resignation’, and believed that the words of the prosecutor’s office indicated that “this country There is a problem, not only of extreme right, but of democratic defence”.

The Vice President read out paragraphs of the letter from the Superior Prosecutor, Teresa Gisbert, in which she considers it “impossible” that the authorities “unanimously maintain the same version of the facts” and indicated an alleged “verbal order” as the reason. . Given by Oltra “devoid of any justification and support in law”.

“That means 13 people have lied to the judge to protect me. I don’t know what they vote for, what they think, if they share Botanic’s political ideology, but they’ve been around for 20 years.” are in the administration services and here this question has been asked.” his professionalism. If the truth of 13 people is unbelievable, then there is a problem in this country. And not only of extreme right, but of democratic defense. If it’s impossible for them to act professionally and independently, we have a problem,” he insisted.

Oltra recognized the relevance of the prosecutor’s office charge, which attributes three crimes, bias, omission of duty to report, and acquittal of minors, but emphasizes a lack of evidence. “Allegations should be based on hints and facts, not on speculations and conjectures that are drawn from sentences with unheard thoughts and unheard parts.” He was referring to the conviction of the Audiencia de Valencia that re-opened the investigation and described the informational file opened by the Ministry of Equality in August 2017 as a directive parallel to the judicial to defame a minor. This is the version that Oltra’s lawyer refers to in his letter to the TSJ.

“When the truth turns out to be the unimaginable, we have a problem. The truth cannot be that we have acted honestly and we must think that there is something behind it. If it is impossible for everyone to be wrong, then one Instead of thinking about the bigger conspiracy Why?, we conclude the simplest thing, which is that they weren’t wrong?” asked the vice president, who insisted he had not changed his version of who ordered the file to be opened, which he directly attributed in a statement to Press.

“I made the statement in the context of emotional stress, accusing five more people who had done nothing, professional, official … In this context, the figurative use of language to mean the words that they had Worked professionally, as he has always done so far. It was a way of making me accountable for what he did. The version is the same”.

“The red line is true”

Oltra acknowledged that she is facing the outcome of the TSJ deliberations “with patience” and stressed that she is not considering resigning, even to focus on her defense. Not even for “My lawyers are already on that,” he said.

“I have put the red line that no illegal or dishonest act has been done since the ministry. Truth and reality is the red line. Neither these 13 people nor I have done anything illegal or dishonest,” he said.

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