The ‘TV Doctor’ recipe so good things can happen to us


Nutritionist Nicolas Romero invites us to practice self-care, pamper our diet and enjoy the therapeutic effects of our dreams

The 'TV Doctor' recipe so good things can happen to us

He is popularly known as ‘TV Doctor’ for his appearance in the program ‘Saber Vivir’ on ‘La Mana de la 1’. Expert in nutrition, Nicolas Romero has just published ‘Start to Live’ (Editorial Grijalbo), a book in which he proposes, nothing more and nothing less, “Jump in the pool so that better things happen to us in life”.

And how is this done? What makes us feel dead in life and how can we be revived? “We feel trapped in existence when We don’t know where to start building our important project, When we want to do something worthy and uplifting with our life but we don’t know how. This feeling of no way out in the face of the pandemic and now after the war in Europe spoils one’s emotional health, especially young people, who have everything to do. To revive ourselves, we have to change our mindset and start living differently. With more truth and knowledge about who we really are, what innate talents we have and what abilities make us Feel really alive. Now a big fan of running. I see it on the street because I practice it too. Many people begin to grow out of inertia, without first asking themselves what their muscles are like, explosiveness or resistance, whether they recover better, what their posture is like in running, they have contractures or so many other injuries. Why are there Deep self-awareness coupled with self-careSelf-esteem and self-confidence will not let us become zombies when we are resurrected”.

A self-care that begins with not ‘dumping’ all our frustrations on food, while focusing on ‘your business’. how to cook powerful mask of emotion, Romero explains: “When we feel the overwhelming urge to swallow food in order to hide our emotions, we have long lost control. Starting in adolescence, anyone can become an emotional eater when one loses. is overwhelmed by the streak and adversities are not able to overcome them.This personal crisis can create in future a troubleshooting behavior Due to the intense emotional discharge that would delay the resolution of the conflicts of daily life, feeding a constant cycle of anxiety that would lead to a compulsive relationship with food”.

And, of course, in situations like this we don’t just jump into a bowl of spinach to allay our anxiety. Why, even in movies, when someone is suffering from the disease of love, does he stuff himself with ice cream? “Plus, it’s usually an ice cream that’s the character in question. It is eaten by filling a spoon from a large beaker of one kg., In other cases, he ends up on a couch full of pizza, hamburgers and soda. It’s all hype, but it’s two culturally accepted images of what it means to eat emotionally that in turn reinforce and amplify these behaviors. I haven’t seen any movie where they eat salad or a spoonful of lentils when they are heartbroken. Negative feelings of failure, frustration or hopelessness in love are almost universally associated, thanks to movies and television, with the relaxing pleasure of binge eating Hypercaloric and ultra-processed. This creation of a desire to eat to overcome adversity by industry and advertising is the main reason that many demonstrate a Insatiable hunger to eat food without hunger or thirst And binge on food.

As human beings (and imperfect) that we are, we are much better off in the eyes of another than in our lives, but what signs should we start considering before the issue is getting out of hand? “An emotional eater feeds not by actual hunger but by eating” Decrease the intensity of any distress or anxiety through a rewarding meal of your choice, We can identify some cues that lead us down the road to eating emotionally: If, despite hunger, we choose to eat only what we like, especially ultra-calorie and ultra-processed, and we reject other habitual foods; If we have eaten a fair amount some time ago and continue to treat ourselves as sweets and fast food, And we swallow almost without chewing And we eagerly attack the food; if we appear Signs of an addictive relationship with our favorite food: we feel restless and insecure When we don’t have it and we are ready to do anything to get it; If the above signs are preceded by conflicts at work, with family, or in interpersonal relationships”.

So far we don’t know what to do with food but Dr. Romperp goes ahead and tells us his recipe for how we should eat, to practice self-care that will give us so many benefits: “On the brain and existence Because of its impact, in the self-care chapter of ‘Beginning to Live’, I dedicate a section to immune system diet (I speak of diet in the sense of the Greek word daita, which means way of living). Immunity diet is not only based on food, but also based on Physical exercise which has anti-inflammatory effects, modulates the activity of defenses and delays the loss of immune defenses seen with age”.

In short, it reminds us, “everything that a anti-inflammatory effect Help the immune system do its job better.” In this sense, he explains that “we have more and more scientific evidence that many nutrients and organic molecules are immunomodulators. The immune system requires an excellent diet with a constant adequate supply of energy, macronutrients, micronutrients, fiber and bioactive phytochemicals. micronutrients such as zinc and vitamins D and C have shown immunostimulatory effects and actively contribute to the immune response, both innate and acquired”.

And, already ready to work the miracle of rising from our ashes, he invites us soar high, “It’s like going to sleep every night therapy, It allows us to release the negative mental charge that has accumulated upon waking up, to start the next morning clean and fresh. The brain reprocesses the traumatic episode experienced in the previous day to change the version of the event. Then save a less disturbing memory that makes us feel a little better and see things differently. Hence the importance of consulting pillows. For this conflict rewriting mechanism to work, the brain presents us with an imaginary product that it is creating at that moment, that is, daydreaming. However the next day we can clearly distinguish that it was just a dream without signs of reality and we forget about it therapeutic effect can already be achieved”.

Pamper yourself and dream. Of course, this is not a bad plan to take back the reins of our lives.

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