The United States believes that Russia continues to target the occupation of Ukraine throughout


Washington expects the war to last until the spring of 2023 at the earliest. Meanwhile, Western arsenals have been evacuated to aid Kyiv.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at a news conference on June 15.
US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at a news conference on June 15.valeria mongelliAFP
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Vladimir Putin “still plans to capture a significant part of Ukraine, if not the whole country.” This is how the state of war in Ukraine is viewed by the United States Under Secretary of Defense Policy, Colin Kahn. Another thing that Moscow achieves, that is to say “Great Target”, Ah, the top person at the Pentagon is very skeptical. “Perhaps [los rusos] Strategic victories here and there, but the Ukrainians hold on. I don’t think the Russians have the ability to conquer much territory”.

When it launched the offensive, on February 25, Russia had already captured 6% of the Ukrainian surface. After three and a half months of fighting, that percentage rose to 20%, although most Its territorial gains came in the first three weeks of the conflict.,

Cannes made this analysis Tuesday afternoon (night in Spain) in a speech at the Center for a New Security in the US ‘think tank’ (CNAS, by its abbreviation in English), which has seen heavy visibility since the launch by Russia. The invasion is achieved thanks to your daily analysis of the course of the conflict. His statement came hours before the British newspaper ‘Daily Telegraph’ was published, in which Russia has occupied Andy Huynh and Robert Duerke, two American war veterans in Ukraine, Russian soldiers already taken captive Two Britons and a Moroccan, whom he has sentenced to death, which is a violation of the laws of war. The US has not confirmed this news to The Telegraph.

Statements from the US Under Secretary of Defense indicate that the US does not believe Russia’s statements that the invasion is aimed at controlling the Donbes region, which has been fighting most of the fighting since Russia was expelled in March. On the outskirts of the cities of Kyiv and Zarkov.

Rather, it appears that Pentagon political risk consultant R. Politik’s founding agrees with analyst Tatiana Stanovaya, who explained in Foreign Policy magazine that Putin does not see his defeat in the capture of Kyiv as a major failure. Since the Russian President believes that the victory of the Donbs is just one more battle in the war between Russia and the West that will probably last for years. In Washington, many people think the same way. The Pentagon estimates it will last, at least until spring 2023, unless Putin decides to stop it first, which is highly unlikely today. This means that Ukraine needs more military help.

The Kyiv government insists that, in a war based on artillery bombardment, it has a clear inferiority, as its capability in these weapons is barely 10% of that of Russia. According to the ‘Financial Times’ newspaper, Kyiv’s allies have promised to deliver only a fraction of the weapons it has requested. Only 270 of the 500 tanks will be delivered to you; Of the 300 missile launchers it has ordered, only 50 will be received; And, compared to the 1,000 howitzers he claims, he has 270. In addition, this week Germany vetoed Spain’s delivery of 40 Leopard A2 tanks to Ukraine, To the detriment of countries such as Germany and Israel—which continue to block the delivery of anti-missile systems to Ukraine—in addition, the fact that The arsenals of Kyiv’s allies are beginning to empty,

Exactly this Wednesday, more than 40 arms donors to Ukraine are holding a new meeting in Brussels, convened by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. The meeting is expected to result in the announcement of a $6.59 billion military aid package. That shipment will contain a new weapon: ‘Harpoon’ anti-ship missiles with a range of 140 km,

These weapons seek to make it easier for Ukraine to export its agricultural production, which is currently blocked by Russia, which threatens to cause Famine in Africa and Asia According to the United Nations, that could affect more than 50 million people. The problem is that the Russian blockade is also based on submarines, and ‘harpoons’ are ineffective against those ships. Denmark has already shipped these missiles to Ukraine, forcing the Russian surface fleet to withdraw to the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow has occupied since 2014.

Another important announcement has been made by Kan: the United States is going to send surface-to-surface missiles to Ukraine. Today, Washington has given Char M142 Hymer Launch System For Ukraine, with about a hundred projectiles. The M142 has a range of 70 kilometres, which is twice that of the M177 and Caesar howitzers supplied by the US and France. Ukrainian soldiers are currently in their third and final week of training with these new systems.

According to Kahn, the US will send more once they prove capable of employing them effectively on the battlefield. Britain and Germany have also decided to hand over the M142s to Ukraine, however, given German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s strategy of declaring weapons deliveries, which he then does not grant, it appears that Berlin will keep its promise.

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