The United States keeps its grand veto on Maduro, but is hesitant with Cuba


Biden holds on to his position despite timid approach between Washington and Caracas

Anti-American murals in Caracas, Venezuela.
Anti-American murals in Caracas, Venezuela.AFP
  • Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela Biden definitely excludes three dictatorships from America’s summit
  • America Fernandez joins López Obrador and pressures Biden to include Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua in the US summit

administration of Joe Biden maintains its firm veto on the presence of Venezuela You Nicaragua Feather America’s summitBut he doubts what role he wants to assign Cuba, A White House official on Wednesday “unequivocally” assured the French press agency that Nicolas Maduro would not be among the guests, despite Rehearsal Approach from Washington After the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Kevin O’Reilly, the national coordinator of the summit in Los Angeles in June, in response to the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee, stressed that Cuba’s participation depends directly on the White House, but added that Venezuela and Nicaragua have dictators. not invited. O’Reilly has opened the door “for wider participation of civil society” In all countries where the authorities are dictators who try to suppress public debate”.

pressure from mexico Its President Anders Manuel López Obrador It has yet to achieve its objectives, although the White House has reportedly sought the involvement of a second level Cuban official. President of Cuba, Miguel Daz-Canelmade it clear that they do not trust him: “I will not be involved in any matter”,

Washington’s response comes a day before the Cuban revolution gathered its allies in Havana this Thursday under the pretext of the summit of Alba (the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America). Too many Nicolas Maduro As Daniel Ortega After both criticized the boycott from Los Angeles, they would appear in the Cuban capital. “Whatever they say, our voice will be there,” the Bolivian president said. For whose arrest there will be a reward of $ 15 million in the US.

The three revolutions, also supported by Bolivia and Honduras, are Vladimir Putin’s main allies on the continent, Despite this, the three have opened channels of dialogue with Washington, with little scope so far.

In recent hours, the Reuters agency has reported that Maduro has vetoed Norway as the main mediator, with the aim of once again hindering the resumption of talks with the opposition in Mexico. He has also sought the presence of Russia, which was present at the start of the talks last year.

BrazilOne of the countries that was reluctant to attend the Los Angeles Conference has finally confirmed that the President Jair Bolsonaro attends appointment Apart from this, he will also meet Biden.

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