The Way Not to Miss the Sierra de Gredos’ Incredible (and Transient) Spring Show


The most emblematic corners of the protected regional park are painted deep yellow with broomsticks, in full swing during the months of May and June.

Broom in flower in the Sierra de Gredos,
Shrub in flower at Sierra de Gredos, Villa.Photos: Shutterstock

In just two weeks, the landscape of the Sierra de Gredos (Villa) has gone from the whiteness of the snow on its main peaks to the yellow of the mountain slopes. the reason for the latter Broom inflorescence, striking dark yellow flowers Which are visible in the valleys and valleys of the entire mountain range. During the months of May and June, the colorful landscape is at its peak; From Puerto del Pico, to the east, to Tornavacas, to the west, symbolic areas of the Sierra de Gredos Regional Park such as La Covacha, Pozo de las Paredes, Cervnal or El Hornillo are painted yellow.

Although there are many places and observation points where you can enjoy the event in each of the 26 small towns nestled in the park, one of the most popular (and beautiful) is From the trail (marked) that leads to Laguna Grande, an enclave of glacial origin located in the Circo de Gredos, at the heart of this beautiful protected area. The less difficult linear route is one of the area’s biggest attractions for hiking and nature lovers due to its impressive scenery.

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The excursion, about 13 km round trip, begins in about five hours Gredos Platform Car Park (3 Euro), 12 kilometers from Hoyos del Espino, a small town southwest of Vila. An ancient paved road called the Trocha Real, where it wouldn’t be hard to see some mountain goats, cows grazing among a multitude of yellow flowers, cross Meadow of Pozas (at 1,930 m altitude) and the stream of the same name. Once the river is crossed by a bridge, the most difficult part of the route begins, which climbs for about 300 metres.

After the effort, and halfway through, the path reaches the top. Barreron’s Hill (at an altitude of 2,190 metres), with spectacular views of the affair. Nearby is the Fuente de los Barrerones, one of many along the way whose cold waters are suitable for human consumption. At this point, many people fall back into the pricking. For those who still want to enjoy the beautiful landscape, the path continues for about two hours towards Sundar for its final and flowering stretch. Big Lagoon. In summer, brave people take a dip in its cool waters.

at one end of the lake Refugeesa place to spend the night, something to eat or a snack before returning (more info here), and, a few meters further, Emerald Pool, a beautiful pool with crystal clear green water and a small waterfall with stunning views of the Circo de Gredos. From there it wouldn’t be difficult to consider any (or all) of the 23 varieties of pierno that have been populating the place since time immemorial. In fact, in the past, this plant was essential to the survival of the inhabitants of Gredos and was used as fuel, for roofing stables, for shelter from the cold, or for making pots.

The return to the Platform Car Park is made through the same path, which is surrounded by flowering shrubs, which can reach one and a half meters in height and whose different shades of yellow and the unique aroma lasts in the area till July.

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