The wives of the Azov battalion: “They are fine. They are all together in the same prison, except for the wounded”


Katerina Prokopenko and Yulia Fedosyuk hope that their husbands will return home with a prisoner exchange and oversee the negotiation process.

Katerina Prokopenko, wife of the Azov battalion commander Denis Prokopenko, and Yulia Fedosyuk, wife of Arseny Fedosyuk, are also members of the regiment.alessandra tarantinoAP
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“I spoke Deniso For the first time last night, he hasn’t called me since I left azovstal, He was calm, not nervous at all, he told me he was fine.” Katerina Prokopenkowife of Denis Prokopenko, supercommander of Battle Azovivd. reply in

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