There are already more than 1,100 cases of monkeypox worldwide spread across 24 countries


The latest review by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control indicates that a total of 704 cases have been confirmed in 18 EU countries since the start of the outbreak.

Monkey virus viral particles observed directly by transmission electron microscopy from fluid obtained from pustules from infected patients.CSIC/UAMEFE
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The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) published a new update on today’s outbreak monkeypox or monkeypox and confirmed that Since the start of the alert, 704 cases have been spread across 18 countries in the European Union, taking the tally to 1,176, including the rest of the world.

The ECDC reports that since the last update on 31 May, “385 cases of monkeypox have been reported in 16 EU countries: Portugal (95), Germany (92), Spain (78), France (49), Netherlands (28) , Italy (15), Belgium (7), Ireland (6), Slovenia (4), Latvia (2), Norway (2), Sweden (2), Czechia (1), Denmark (1), Finland (2) and Hungary (1)”. Too. There are eight non-EU countries that have been reported affected by this infection since the last count. Thus, since the last update, “238 cases of monkeypox have been reported in eight non-EU countries: United Kingdom (142), Canada (55), United States (20), United Arab Emirates (9) , Switzerland (6), Australia (4), Israel (1) and Morocco (1)”

In the case of Spain, The European authority indicates that there are already 198 confirmed cases in our country, however, according to the last count provided yesterday This figure of the Ministry of Health is 233. will reachAnother 492 are considered for now as suspected cases under study.

The European body explains in its new report that “the majority of cases occur in young men, who identify themselves as men who have sex with men (MSM). there have been no deaths, The clinical presentation is generally described as mild, with most cases presenting with lesions on the genital or perigenital region, indicating transmission through close physical contact during sexual activity. is likely to.”

No to mass vaccination from WHO

In any case, the ECDC states that The overall risk is rated as “moderate”. For those who have multiple sexual partners (including some groups of MSM) and less for the general population.

On the other hand, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has asked countries to make all necessary efforts to identify all cases and contact themselves to control the outbreak and prevent further spread of the virus. Do it. reports Europa Press, “There have been no deaths in the affected countries, but there are many cases that occur not only in men having sex with men, but there are already cases of community transmission and infected women,” he said. Tedros, who has shown his “concern” that the virus spreads to vulnerable groups such as children or pregnant women,

Tedros recalled that throughout the year there have been 1,400 suspected cases of monkeypox in Africa and 66 deaths, and He lamented that the international community has taken note of the virus when it has affected high-income countries. The WHO director-general said, “This virus has been circulating in Africa for decades and killing people regardless of the international community; providing access to health care and equipment is essential in these regions to protect themselves.” ” Emphasizing that the body is not in favor of mass vaccination, although it is in favor of facilitating access to vaccines for those who need it.

Spain already has 200 doses of monkeypox vaccine. Specifically, this is the formula from the Danish pharmaceutical company Bavarian Nordic, imvanex, their use Monkeypox Vaccines Happen Limited You will be marked by the risk of infection,

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