These Are The 20 Favorite Terraces Of The Spaniards And Six Are In Madrid


Like every year, The Fork, the online restaurant reservation app, launches a list of this season’s most successful outdoor venues on its platform.

S. Castell (Mallorca).
S. Castell (Mallorca).

good weather comes and we we took off To enjoy the spring and summer terraces outdoors (when it arrives). and also appears every year around this time List of favorite terraces of users of PanchaWhich is configured either by its success in the reservation, by the score of guests, or by being the most sought after.

house manolo le
Manolo Lane House (Seville).

According to the app’s statistics, terraced restaurants are in fashion because Stocks increased by 13% compared to last year, What’s more, nearly 70% of the incidents that happened last year were at street level, on panoramic terraces or near the beach, with the same percentage for lunch or dinner in these places.

Montmartre 1889 (Madrid).
Montmartre 1889 (Madrid).

But let’s get to the point. 20. in this list of To succeed madrid (with six installations), Barcelona (with four) and mallorca (with three), although there are also terraced restaurants in Asturias, Valencia, Seville, Málaga, Cadiz or Las Palmas.

Queen Elizabeth (c.
Queen Isabel (Cdiz).

as in, los The representatives of the capital are in alphabetical order, Banar; Dos Cielos Madrid by Hermanos Torres; Orphila’s Garden by Mario Sandoval; The Garden of the Intercontinental; Montmartre 1889, in the Only U Atocha Hotel, in the Gran Meli Palacio de los Deux and Septima.

Seventh, from Only You Atocha Hotel (Madrid).

In Barcelona, ​​one of the favorites bears the name of one of the greats of the national cuisine.L, at Enoteca Paco Praz, Hotel Arts; La Balsa, Ikibana Sarri and Windsor also enjoy great prestige.

Here is the complete list in alphabetical order:

AMADOR, at the Villa Guadalupe Hotel (Málaga).

Fleet (Barcelona).

Banaras (Madrid).

BNS d’Aval (Mallorca).

Manolo Lane House (Seville).

Indian Coral (Eriandas, Asturias).

The EL COSO DEL MAR at El Coso Hotel (Valencia).

Two Heavens Madrid by Hermanos Torres (Madrid).

Orfila Gardens by Mario Sandoval (Madrid).

Intercontinental Garden (Madrid).

ENOTECA PACO PREZ at Hotel Arts (Barcelona).

ES CASTELL, Castillo Hotel Son Vida (Mallorca).

Gloria by Esther and Nacho Manzano (Geijn).

Ikibana Sarri (Barcelona).

Montmartre, 1889, at the Grand Mély Palace of the Dukes (Madrid).

Reina Isabel (Cdiz).

Breakwater (Las Palmas).


SPTIMA, Only you in Atocha (Madrid).

Windsor (Barcelona).

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