These Are the Best Trips in the World and Made in Madrid


Javier Muoz-Calero and his Ovilo restaurant won the fifth edition of the World Trip Championship with Catalan ingredients: mongots.

Winning recipe signed by Chef Xavier Mu
Winning recipe signed by Chef Javier Muoz-Calero at Ovilo.
  • profile Javier Muoz-Calero, the chef who built the success of cooking (and harmonizing)

The 5th World Trip Championship, organized by Asturian Chef Pedro Martino, already has a winner: Javier Muoz-Calero from Madrid Restaurant wool ball (Pantoja, 8). They’ve had a recipe with a certain surprise: a plate. Trip with Mongots, Those white beans typical of Catalan land.

In the competition – Tomorrow on 24th May on the terrace of Pierra’s Guisandera (Asturian Embassy in Madrid, named in tribute to the cooks who preserve traditional recipes)-, the restaurant writer from Madrid, surprised the jury with this proposal to replace the classic chickpeas with these beans, one of the keys to success. At least, that’s how Muoz-Calera valued it, knowing he was the winner.

“The success of these trips is that they don’t have chickpeas but mongoose and that before cooking, and also they have a lot of legs and a lot of nose broth that gives it a lot of oil“, adds the chef who has left behind gastronomic genius, in 2019, this dining room, with a team that largely consists of young people Chetna Kitchen, Labor and Social Integration Programme.

Xavier Mu
Javier Muoz-Calero in white.

the Cook There is a weakness for this product Catalan cuisine with which he “fell in love” Sant Pau de Carme Ruscalada and his son Ral Balmy, “Chickpeas find me more astringent and that’s why I use mongots. To some extent, I owe this recipe to them,” he says.

Trip competes with others with Muoz-Calero’s mongots The 14 finalists, four of them from Madrid’s restaurants: Montia (San Lorenzo de l’Escorial), Saddle (one Michelin star), Lalopez and Media Racine. Rest of the contestants or . come fromAfter eight autonomous communities: Pazo de Santa Cruz (Galicia), Castru Geteru and Sancho La Merced (Asturias), Teixitxordan (Basque Country), Josén (Cantabria), Bonanova (Catalonia), Cellar Can Marn (Balearic Islands), Tapas 3.0 and Casa Avellino ( Castilla) and Lane) and Bina (Andalusia).

The professional jury for this championship, which is already a classic in the capital, was made up of renowned chefs, journalists and personalities from the world of gastronomy, for example, double starred javier oleros (in Culler de Pau, O Grove, Pontevedra) and benito gomez (in Bardal, Ronda, Málaga) and the eventual winner of the competition, George Llosa (in Zalacan, Madrid).

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