They are condemned to pay 457,000 euros for the death of a woman after she was crushed by a biking user


The cyclist escaped after crushing the victim who died 15 months after the accident

A Biking Stop in Barcelona
A Biking Stop in BarcelonaD. Umberto

On January 23, 2019, at around 3 pm, 63-year-old Josefa TM was getting off a bus on line 33 at the Diagonal-Brook stop in Barcelona when she was crushed by a biking user who did not respect her choice. User pedestrian and he fled. The woman lost consciousness and was admitted to a clinical hospital with head trauma, hemorrhage and brain injuries, for which she had emergency surgery twice and would have several sequels, such as severe dependence, since She walked with help.

He spent several months in the hospital as the damage caused by the accident left him with other deformities. Although he was admitted to a social health center in March, he did not make a full recovery, as he suffered from cardiorespiratory arrest, high and low blood sugar levels due to high blood pressure as well as heart problems and another pelvic There were epileptic seizures with fractures. due to fall. He passed away after a dialysis session on April 16, 2020.

The woman’s family, represented by the Vosselaar Abogados office, held that the biking service was financially responsible for the damages and consequences caused by the accident, despite the cyclist not being identified. That is why he demanded 740,000 euros in compensation for the days of hospitalization, the consequences and the subsequent death, although Bissing’s insurance company opposed this.

Barcelona’s Court of First Instance No. 49 upheld the claim and sentenced Bissing’s insurer to compensate the woman’s two children with 457,122 euros from post-traumatic dementia after her death. The punishment to which this medium had access, the court perverted the company that did not advance at least part of the compensation for the dire consequences of the victim, because of her deteriorating condition since July 2019, making her objectionable could go. And the company was visited by specialists.

Vosselaar lawyers, who represent the victim’s family, appear to have affected the conduct of insurer Segur Caixa of Barcelona City Council’s biking service, as he offered compensation to the woman and her children “with the sole purpose” of leaving the woman and her children after the accident. to prolong the fatality over time that is less than what is to be paid”. In this sense, they state that the court condemns the company to “understand that an amount with the respective default interest that the action of the insurer has resulted in a fraud of law by improperly reassessing the payment of compensation”.

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