They arrest a man after hitting him hard on the head to kill another and seriously injuring his 80-year-old mother


The neighbors heard the cries and went to the house where they both lived, where they found the door open and Ashtadhyayi bleeding next to his son’s body on the floor.

General Secretary
Alicante Provincial Police Station.Robert Perez
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The National Police has arrested a man for his alleged involvement in the violent death of a 50-year-old man at his home in Orihuela (Alicante) this morning. The victim’s mother, an 80-year-old woman, sustained severe head injuries for which she was taken to a hospital after being stabilized by medical personnel.

According to police sources, the incident took place on Calle San Antonio de Padua between 1 and 1:15 pm, without the motive for the crime being known.

neighbors heard screams and beats at that time And they went to the house they entered, because the door was open, and with the occupant on the floor, and his son’s body was bleeding profusely from his head.

Investigators agree that both the deceased and the mother were attacked by a third person with a blunt object and that the attackers fled before neighbors could arrive.

national police Violent Death Protocol has been activated and has taken over the investigation to try to identify and arrest the attacker.

For their part, the Emergency Information and Coordination Center of the Generalitat (CICU) indicated that SAMU doctors had already found the son dead while the older woman had a head injury.

Ambulance staff managed to stabilize her after various maneuvers and she was taken to the Basic Life Support (BLS) unit at Orihuela Hospital, from where she was directed to the General Universitario de Elche.

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