They Arrest a Second Suspect for Disappearing in the Amazon


Oceni da Costa de Oliveira is the brother of the first captive and the main suspect because he made threats against the indigenous and was seen chasing the cowboy in a boat.

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  • Brazil Disappeared in the most dangerous corner of the Amazon

Brazilian authorities on Tuesday arrested a second suspect in the disappearance of a British journalist and a Brazilian native who had been wanted for ten days in a remote and wilderness area. Brazilian Amazon When investigating threats against indigenous peoples.

The arrest was announced in a statement federal shelfwhich coordinates the “crisis committee” formed by the government to participate in the search for a British journalist dom phillipsContributor to the newspaper The Guardian, and Swadeshi Bruno Arrazo PereiraDisappeared on June 5 in an area of ​​the Amazon near Brazil’s border with Peru and Colombia.

According to the statement, those responsible for the operation complied with the temporary custody order issued against them. Osni da Costa de Oliveira41 years old and known as ‘dos ​​Santos’, “with suspicion of involvement in the case” Amarildo da Costa Oliveiraaka ‘Pelado’ and Joe has been in jail for a week.”

Oseni’s brother Amarildo is now the prime suspect, as he made threats against the indigenous and was seen. chasing the missing in a boatSince some personal belongings of Phillips and Arrazo were found hidden at a place near their residence.

The second suspect “is being interrogated and will be taken into custody for trial before justice” North WatchtowerA municipality in the state of Amazonas, according to the statement.

Federal police said in the same statement that they were continuing to search both rivers and areas in the region. Ro Itaka, Under the jurisdiction of Atalia do Norte, where the missing were last seen.

According to the note, federal agents also issued two search and seizure warrants on residences in Atalia do Norte, where some gun cartridges And a paddle, which will be analyzed.

Phillips and Arrazo’s track was lost on 5 June when they were traveling through the community of Sao Rafael In the city of Atalia do Norte, where he should have arrived that Sunday morning.

They were traveling in a new boat, carrying 70 liters of petrol, enough for the trip, and the community near which they were last seen. Sao GabrielA few kilometers away from Sao Rafael.

Arajo, who has been working in that area for years and knows the area deeply, was the object of various threats from the mafia of illegal miners, loggers and even drug smugglers, who work in the so-called . Javari ValleyDue to which the fear of murder has arisen in his family.

Meanwhile, Phillips is a veteran journalist based in Brazil for 15 years and has collaborated with various international media, such as the Financial Times, the New York Times and the Washington Post, and is currently working on a book investigation. About Valle do Javari

After a little over a week of searching and few results, NGOs and international organizations such as united nations human rights office And this OAS. Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of has raised its voice to urge the government of Jair Bolsonaro To “double” their efforts to find the missing.

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