They arrest two men linked to the murderous outburst of a young man on Sunday in Malagas


The two arrested will be sent to court and the National Police believe the accident was “probably intentional”.

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A national police car.andaluca junta
  • Arrangement One killed and three injured, police deliberately investigated

The National Police on Monday arrested two people for their alleged links with deliberate run overwhich happened in the early hours of last Sunday at the entrance of a nightclub in the capital of Malaga a 23-year-old man diedAs told by police sources.

As he specified, the 26-year-old driver of the vehicle is reportedly being investigated crime of murder and in the other two temporal degrees; while the other man, the co-pilot, of the same age and who has been arrested Just a few minutes back, he is being questioned to hide the matter.

Police sources have said that both the detainees will be brought to justice “with the greatest of hard work”. national policeA body that resulted in the outcry launched an investigation, believing it was “probably intentional”.

The events occurred shortly before 06:35 a.m., when Emergency 112 Andaluca received the first of several calls from witnesses, who warned that a one run over From a tour on Isaac Peral Avenue to Pedestrians. It is being told that many people were injured, including one Serious.

061 Health Emergency Center, National Police Corps, Local Police and Civil Guard were activated from the Coordinating Centre. However, the health services displaced in the area could not do anything to save the life of the youth, who died as a result of the incident.

One of the injured girl was discharged on the same Sunday, while two others are on the run. accepted At the Regional Hospital of Malaga.

According to health sources, one of the injured, 23, is in traumatology with a femur fracture; While another 24-year-old youth is hospitalized Intensive care unit (ICU) awaiting development with renal trauma.

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