They arrested a man for drugging and abusing a 16-year-old girl for several days in a ‘squat’ house


The girl from the Valencian municipality of El Aliana was missing since May 12

Civil Guard Van.a. Dee Lawley

It was a week ago when the Association SOS missing First warning signal given. Family of a 16-year-old girl from Valencian Municipality eliana He was reported missing. The girl had derailed on May 12.

However, it was not until Monday the 23rd that she finally met, but after spending the day at a home clumsy of enqueraWhere according to the first investigation, a man sexually assaulted her.

as the diary progressed rise-emv37-year-old man has already been arrested when the device was planted by civil guard, He is charged with the offenses of sexual abuse, against public health and for inducing a minor to leave his home. The arrested person, who has already gone to court and cleared of charges and has a restraining order, has already served a year for the offense of murder.

In the case of L’Eliana’s girl, she herself could have left the house without resistance. clumsy, However, it is believed that during the time he was held captive, the detainee took drugs to satisfy his will and sexually abused him. After a search of the house it was confirmed by the Civil Guard agents that the man may have supplied him with liquor and various substances.

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