They arrested a student with two rifles outside a Texas high school


An AK-47 rifle and an AR-15 were recovered from his vehicle, for which the student was arrested for a state crime of carrying a weapon in the school area.

Many opposed the ideology
Many are opposing the pro-gun ideology of the Republican Party.Jai JannerAP
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A young student was arrested this Wednesday on the outskirts of Dallas (Texas) to go to his institution with two rifles in his vehicle, reported Richardson Police Department,

The arrest came a day after a youth shot dead 19 children and two teachers at a primary school in the city. UvaldeOne of the deadliest shootings at an educational center in the United States, even in the state of Texas.

Richardson police received a call at 10:55 pm (15:55 GMT) local time warning that a young man was walking down the street with a rifle. Birkner InstituteDue to which many agents went to the spot.

The youth was located inside the institute but was unarmed, according to a statement from the local police.

However, in his vehicle, which was parked near the institute, he found that a AK-47 Rifle and an AR-15, for which the student was arrested for the state crime of carrying a weapon in the school area.

On Tuesday afternoon, an 18-year-old armed with an automatic rifle killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in the Texas town of Uvalde, before being shot dead by police.

This is the second mass murder in the country in less than two weeks. On May 14, a white supremacist killed ten people, most of whom were African-Americans, at a supermarket in the city. Buffalo in New York,

many politicians from Democratic Party And civilian leaders have called for greater controls on arms purchases in the country, while Republican officials in Texas have focused on the mental health problems that, in their opinion, are at the root of the phenomenon.

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