They attack 4 policemen leaving a former independence candidate blind and 1-O. prosecute for injuring voters


Roger Espanyol will also be tried for throwing the fence against the agents

1-O. Police crackdown on Ramon Lul school in Barcelonaa. Dee Lawley

Barcelona’s Court of Inquiry 7 agreed to prosecute a National Police gunman for firing a rubber ball, causing serious injuries to Roger Aspol, who later went on to win various pro-independence campaigns during the 1-O protests. were a candidate for structures. The judge believes that the agent fired “in violation of the security measures outlined in the circular on the use of riot gear” and left Espanyol unnoticed, who could be prosecuted for assaulting law enforcement officers. Because he threw a fence at the police.

In addition to these two defendants, the court ordered three other policemen, a commander and two policemen, to be injured in a demonstration at a school on Sardenya Street in Barcelona on October 1, 2017 within police equipment to avoid voting for the independence referendum. accused the agents. In this sense, the order indicates that the police officer “was the first to use police defense against people sitting on the ground, thus commanding its use by his subordinates, and one who rubberized his subordinates out of beliefs.” Ordered and allowed the use of balls. Foreshadowed in the inner circular”.

The other two agents will be tried for “violating rules regarding the use of defense on people sitting on the ground, possibly progressive use of means and use of police defence”. In this court in Barcelona 1-O. Around 70 police officers have been investigated for the allegations in about 15 schools and polling stations.

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