They burn the crown and plaque to the Heroes of Dos de Mayo, the seat of the Madrid government.


President Daz Ayusso says “immediately” he will repair the damage and file a complaint for the incidents, which Mayor Martínez-Almeida has condemned.

They H.  Let's burn the crown and plate
They burn the crown and plaque to the Heroes of May 2 in front of the Royal Post Office.

A crown of flowers and a plaque to the Heroes of Dos de Mayo, located in the Real Casa de Corrios, the seat of the government’s presidency of the Community of Madrid, are burnt this Friday.

Madrid region president Isabel Díaz Ayuso has announced that she will be reporting the incidents via her Twitter account and will replace the flower crown.

For his part, the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, has expressed his “Total and Complete Condemnation”During an interview on TVE in which he was told about the incidents, he had no record of what he said.

Regional president Isabel Daz Ayuso reported this first thing in the morning via her Twitter account, with an image showing what happened in the Puerta del Sol building.

Ayuso forwards that Madrid executive presents related Condemn and replace the crown “immediately”,

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