They caught three girls aged 14 and 17 in Guatemala after they beheaded a minor


The victim of the attack, a minor under the age of 15, reportedly died at the hands of three other gang teenagers.

Archive image of members of Mara 18 detained.AFP

the security forces Guatemala When three teenagers have been arrested They beheaded another minor who eventually died in a residence north of the capital of the Central American country.

attack victim, minors under the age of 15Confirmed by the Guatemala National Civil Police, the other three teenagers, allegedly died at the hands of gang members.

The three alleged killers were aged 14 and 17. According to officials, they were located by agents “patroling the sector” and who “heard cries of terror,” according to the same source.

“Unfortunately, the victim was already dead,” Guatemala National Civil Police spokesman Pablo Castillo told reporters.

The prisoners were “trapped” teen body from the age of 15, a knife with blood stains and A poster purportedly containing directed text“Gang members called “hit 18”Police said in a statement.

castillo He elaborated that the three juveniles arrested were sent to a juvenile court in contravention of the criminal law established by the rules in this regard.

The house where the murder took place is located in Zone 18 of 25, which make it Guatemala Citynorth of the capital, and is considered by various reports and analyses to be one of the most violent in the metropolitan city.

According to international organizations, Guatemala It is one of the 20 most violent countries in the world and has recorded more than 60,000 murders between 2010 and 2020 alone.

During 2021, in the presiding country alejandro giamattei There were 4,078 murders, a 16.5% increase from the 3,500 recorded in 2020.

According to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences, more than 60% of murders in Guatemala are committed with a firearm and according to various studies, More than 90% of murders are not punished,

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