They challenge a congressman from an anti-discrimination debate for being gay in Colombia


“The main argument is that because Toro is gay, he cannot present projects to protect the LGBTI community because of a conflict of interest. Never have a woman, Afro or farmer be included in Congress to protect his community.” Has gone”

Protest in favor of the LGBTIQ+ community in Bogota.EM

Maurice Bull, The House representative, who introduced a bill to Congress to end so-called “conversion treatment,” was fired this Tuesday for his sexual orientation and for an alleged charge. “conflict of interests”.

The challenge against Toro was filed by a citizen arguing that the law establishes a conflict of interest as “a situation where a discussion or vote on a bill or legislative act could result in In a special, present and direct advantage in favor of Congress”.

In which he said that the bill that seeks to end discrimination treatment of conversion treatment in Colombia is “not a project of general interest, but a special project”, because “it only benefits people as diverse as Representative Mauricio Toro, and it does not set the same standard of protection for heterosexual people”.

An example of this, according to the plaintiffs, is that the initiative does not prohibit attempts to change sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression (ECOCEAG) for heterosexual people when “they try to convert them into homosexual people.”

“Today homophobia passes through the Congress of the Republic”, Condolences poured in on his Twitter account Toro, who denounced the “gay and discriminatory arguments” with which the challenge was approved. Toro is the first openly gay representative of the Colombian Congress.

In a joint statement by Toro and the All Out and Volcano organizations, they state that “the main argument is that because Toro is gay, he cannot present projects to protect the LGBTI community because of a conflict of interest.” Never in Congress has a woman, an Afro or a farmer, been set aside to protect her community.”

Representative Carlos Eduardo Acosta I observed via social networks that they “managed to sink Bill 461 of 2022, through which individual liberties and fundamental rights were attacked. Remember when we have truth and reason in one hand, the reason to remain silent.” there is no reason.”

Although the bill has not sunk, the debate was suspended and could be debated until 20 June. With debate at a standstill, the next step is to fully resolve the challenge, after which a new session will be called to debate the project, Efe was informed by representative Toro’s campaign.


On May 10, a bill was filed in the House of Representatives. Ban so-called conversion therapies The country included “attempts against the rights of the LGTB community” and “torture”.

Corrective coercion, exorcism, “spiritual withdrawal”, sacraments, and other similar practices are some attempts to change sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression (ecosiag), popularly known as “healing”. ,

In this sense, the project seeks to sanction healthcare professionals and non-professionals who submit to conversion therapies and build an accepted and growing criminal system based on it. “Really define” what they are to prevent churches from hiding behind their “religious freedom”.

The text emphasizes that homosexuality or diverse gender identities are not a perversion, they are not a disease that can be cured, as recognized by the World Health Organization.

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