They condemn the government’s defiance and bias for not executing the sentence of 25% of the TSJC


While the institutions themselves notify the court of non-compliance with the order promoting bilingualism in classrooms, Ciudadanos leads Minister González-Cambre to the prosecutor’s office.

President of the Generalitat at the Second Training Congress
President of the Generalitat at the Second Congress of Vocational Training of CataloniaAndreu DalmauEFE
  • Policy Generalitat plans to eliminate 25% of Spanish in classes in which it is already implemented

is expired. The government’s decision not to comply with the decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that established a minimum of 25% hours in Spanish in Catalan school has led to a unanimous response from institutions in favor of bilingualism and from constitutional parties. , Now, the game’s territory and rules have changed and it will no longer be settled in a controversial jurisdiction, but in a criminal area, as it is believed that the Minister of Education and other members of his department are competent. committing the offense of disobeying the law. Violating a court decision.

For this reason, the Assembly for a Bilingual School in Catalonia (AEB), on behalf of the Escuela de Todos Mancha, informed the TSJC of the government’s orders not to comply with the punishment, which was the alleged disobedience of those responsible. admits to. Generalitat. In addition, they will also demand new measures to make 25% Spanish effective in classrooms and request the government’s “necessary” intervention. “The government’s defiance of the courts is clear and obvious. We are facing a very serious institutional conflict. The AEB will continue to defend the rule of law,” the unit says.

For his part, Ciudanos went ahead and denounced the minister before the prosecutor’s office for another offense of disobedience allegedly committed by not complying with the TSJC’s order and formulating a specific regulation to waive the sentence. condemned for “González-Cambre and other public authorities participating in its expansion and adoption have proposed the said resolution to the Consel de Govern, knowingly and infringing by the radical abolition of the above right to obtain a minimum for citizens with malicious intent. 25% of subjects are taught in Spanish in educational centers”, the complaint said.

“In any case guaranteeing continuing education with public funds in Spanish to all educational centers and to all students, reiterates the desire to exclude this right of all citizens derived from the Constitution because its vehicular nature excluded and has been revoked. The only mechanism that allows this vehicle to be respected is the setting of a minimum percentage that does not make it residual or treatment that can be assimilated in a foreign language”, last Monday The complaint highlighted about the decree approved by the government.

In the presentation of this complaint, the leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arimadas, accused Josep González-Cambre of “acting like a bully” with the application of 25% of Spanish in Catalan classes, and said the decree was “clearly an attempt”. is a breach of command.” “We are not going to leave a single slander without fighting and we are not going to leave unused a single democratic tool to defend Catalan rights, which basically means defending itself from the government of the Generalitat,” he said. Insisted.

administrative steps

The constitutional forces’ response to the government’s maneuver for failing to comply with the Castilian’s 25% sentence will begin with the presentation of an appeal before the Council of Statutory Guarantees (CGE), a body dependent on the Generalitat, whose opinion is are not binding.

Citizens, Vox and PP will resort to a decree approved by the government on Monday and sent to Catalonia’s Superior Court of Justice (TSJC) tomorrow, as announced by the liberal formation’s leader, Ines Arimadas, who has finally reassured Abascal’s To join forces and this claim can be processed, since its submission requires the participation of two parliamentary groups and the popular people do not have their own group.

Vox initially refused to take the move because it did not recognize the validity of the Guarantee Council, but eventually agreed, as agreed last week between the PSC, the ERC, the Junts and the Commons, to extend the language law. was done for. The unit for this cannot be approved in Parliament before the end of the period set by the TSCJ to enforce its sentence.

This objective has been achieved, as the Guarantee Council continues to analyze the socialist standard, although an opinion is expected to be issued this week and the next one to be approved in the Catalan Chamber.

The decree, for its part, had already entered into force on Monday with its publication in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat (DOCG), although it must now be validated in parliament after the Council of Guarantees resolves this second appeal.

inspection control

The Minister of Education of the Generalitat, Josep González-Cambre, pointed out that the control of compliance with the new educational decree approved on Monday to respond to the decision of 25% of the TSJC will be in charge of educational oversight. The aim is that the percentages do not apply to “any class” in Catalonia and that is why the government should validate the linguistic projects of the centers so that they are compatible with the new decree.

González-Cambre pointed to the responsibility of teachers and educational care professionals in the application of these projects because “a teacher does not choose the language in which he or she teaches the class, but rather does so in what the linguistic project calls”. It is not happening now and we need to find a solution.” “I don’t like oversight, but once we see an imbalance in compliance, we will take an appropriate decision,” said the minister, who believes that with the approved decree, the government’s laws have their validity. And A Court is answered.

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