They find a “yellow brick road” at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


The research can be followed directly through the scientists’ YouTube channel

tile path in sea background
tile path on the ocean floornautilus
  • geologist Submerged micro-continents that revive the myth of Atlantis

An expedition to a deep water ridge north of Hawaiian Islands have discovered an ancient paved uninhabited lake bed Looks like a yellow brick road.

Terrible sight was discovered by exploration ship nautiluswho is currently surveying the ridge liliuoklani Within the Papahanumokukia Marine National Monument (PMNM).

PMNM is one of the largest marine conservation areas in the world, larger than all national parks in the United States, and only 3% of its ocean floor has been explored.

researchers of Ocean Exploration Trust They are pushing the boundaries of this forest, which is more than 3,000 meters below the waves.

Anyone can view the scans as researchers offer every day live picturesAnd a reel recently posted on YouTube captures the moment deep-sea vehicle researchers stumble upon the “Road to Oz.”

“This is the way to Atlantis,” one researcher is heard shouting to the radio.

“yellow Brick Road?” Another voice replied.

“It’s weird,” said another member of the team.

“Are you kidding me? This is crazy.”

despite being located under a thousand meters The ocean, the lake discovered by researchers at the top of the Nootka seamount looks amazingly dry, Over the radio, the team noted that the ground almost looked like a “baked crust” that may have descended.

In a small section, the volcanic rock has broken up in a way that is surprisingly brick-like.

A YouTube video caption said, “The unique 90-degree fractures are related to the heating and cooling stresses of multiple eruptions at this baked margin.”

The underwater “highway” isn’t the Nautilus team’s only notable discovery so far this year. In March, he received a . posted a video of anglerfish “with teeth”“Hanging from some rocks over 1,000 meters deep.

“Hey, look at his little face,” says one of the scientists as the remote vehicle zooms in on the animal to reveal its sharp teeth and pointy exterior.

“This anglerfish (Sladenia sp.), which was first identified bat fishThe video was first recorded at depths over 1,000 meters and has no doubt, the coolest facial expressions underwater,” the description of the video says.

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