They find alive the cub that the awakened male bear tried to kill


Bear cub’s mother is alive in 15 meter cave

Two brown bears get carried away during a confrontationWorld
  • Palencia They find the bear alive facing the male who had woken up in Palencia.

Control and monitoring work carried out by environmental agents and wardens of the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Region Planning and the Bear Patrol of the Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León have been able to confirm that desperate adult bear cub She is alive like her mother in the Palatine Mountains.

After recording images at the entrance of the cave, thanks to the cameras installed, the priority is now to follow providing supportive nutrition both bear and cub, and try Check the extent of injuries To assess the viability of the bear, or if, conversely, the bear cub had to be captured and taken to special facilities to achieve its survival, until it reached an appropriate weight and age, as that was reported by the Minister.

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This protocol was already implemented successfully in 2019 and 2020 cub saba You nidrigawhich, after passing through the adaptation facilities in semi-free conditions, which is on the Valsemna Farm (lane) of the Board, may Successfully reproduced in the Cantabrian Mountains.

Technicians from the Junta and the Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León have been monitoring the cave since last Monday Endoscopic cameras and polesbeing able to confirm that the bear was alive, although the extent of the injuries is unknown due to the impossibility of access to the area, as the length of the cave gallery exceeds 15 m. real time vision cameras Installed at the entrance to the cavity now made it possible to capture the movements of bear cubs.

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