They find the bodies of the journalist and indigenous who disappeared in the Amazon


Phillips and Pereira were traveling by boat through the Jawar Valley, a remote area of ​​the forest, when they lost their way.

A woman holds a sign with the faces of Phillips and Pereira.
A woman holds a sign with the faces of Phillips and Pereira.Carl de SouzaAFP
  • reporter’s gaze Disappeared in the most dangerous corner of the Amazon

dead body of english journalist dom phillipsand indigenous experts Bruno PereiraSome British media reports that have been missing in the Amazon jungle for more than a week were found this Monday, quoting Phillips’ wife.

Yesterday, their personal belongings, such as clothing and shoes, were found, as confirmed by the Brazilian police. The items must have been found very close to the home of Amarildo da Costa Oliveira, the only person taken into custody in this case.

Philips57 years old and a contributor to the British newspaper GuardianYou perera41 and an expert from the Government Agency for Indigenous Affairs in Brazil (Fanai), were traveling by boat through the region of Valle del Javara remote area in the extreme west of the state amazonasAffected by drug trafficking and the presence of illegal miners, loggers and fishermen. They were preparing a report on the dangers faced by the indigenous people.

He was last seen on 5 June in the So Gabriel community, not far from his destination, North Watchtower, Several witnesses said they saw the fisherman oliveira41 year old is passing a boat with high speed in the same directionPhillips and Pereira, before their disappearance.

Federal police admitted last Wednesday they did not rule out “any lines of investigation” including murder.

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