They find the lifeless body of a missing 13-year-old boy in the surroundings of the Ebro River as it passes through the Rincon de Soto


The boy, who did not know how to swim, was found near the place where he was banding with several friends

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Search equipment on the Ebro River.civil guard
  • planning A 13-year-old boy goes missing while taking a bath with some friends in Ebro as he walks through Zaragoza

The emergency services of La Rioja have located this afternoon lifeless body of 13 year old minor Yesterday the Ebro disappeared into the surroundings of the river—as it passes through the Rioja city of Rincon de Soto—around the spot where he was banding together with other friends.

According to the information received from the Civil Guard, the body of the minor has been recovered this Wednesday evening at around 5:45 pm. GEAS equipment with support for firefighters,

The body of the minor, who did not know how to swim, as confirmed by his father, has been recovered river bed about eight meters From the place where he was last seen.

After the discovery the forensic doctors proceeded to remove the corpse and later transfer to medical institution Law of Logroo.

The emergency services of the Government of La Rioja, the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation and various units of the Civil Guard (GEAS, Ereim, Cynology, Civil Defense and Air Service) have participated in the search.

Meanwhile, the judicial police team directs the work,

according to the norms of

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