They found the bodies of seven passengers of the helicopter that crashed in Italy


Besides the pilot, four Turkish and two Lebanese businessmen were traveling in the plane, which was headed for the Treviso area.

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This Saturday a group of rescuers have traced the seven cadavers The number of passengers on board a helicopter that disappeared this morning in the Tuscan-Emilion Apennines. Italian authorities found five bodies this Saturday and were searching for two other missing people, but they also had dead bodies see you after hours,

The mortal remains are located on Mount Kusna. The first investigation indicated that the helicopter may have crashed in the Lama stream, two kilometers from the Segheria refuge, at an altitude of 1,922 metres. This is a particularly difficult area.

Members of the Air Force, Rescue Force and Carabinieri have visited the crash site and this morning they found some remains that may belong to the plane. In particular, they have found some remains of metal parts next to some burnt trees. It was a passenger who sounded the alarm after finding the remains.

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The Lucca prosecutor’s office has assured the newspaper ‘Il Tierreno’ that it is studying the opening of an investigation file to determine the cause of the accident. One of the issues to be clarified is the reason why the helicopter’s emergency locator transmitter failed, a type of black box that in the event of an impact automatically broadcasts a radio signal that allows the aircraft to be located. Apparently, Turkish and Lebanese officials were traveling in the plane that was going to take part in a technology event taking place in the area.


This is the third day of searches in the Modena area of ​​the Avio Helicopters SRL-owned helicopter, which went missing in the midst of a storm last Thursday. Along with four Turkish and two Lebanese nationals on board was a pilot named Corrado Levorin (born in Padua), who had taken off from Capanori Tasignano airport and headed for the Treviso area.

The radar system places the aircraft for the last time in the area of ​​Modena, specifically in the municipality of Pievepelago. This is where the search was mainly focused.

One of the passengers sent a video

As is known, one of the passengers sent a video of a few seconds chatting to his son. This is confirmed by the ‘Gazetta di Modena’, which emphasizes that at the moment the recipient of the video has not commented on the matter due to the investigation. However, it has been leaked that the 20-second video shows how a helicopter flies over a storm. The more thing is that the weather condition in the area was unfavorable at the time of the accident.

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