They found the body of a woman with traces of violence in Algeria (Valencia)


The body was found in a country house on the outskirts of the city, which is being investigated by the scientific police since Tuesday afternoon.

a police patrol
A national police patrol.EM

The body of a woman with traces of violence was found on Tuesday afternoon in a house on the outskirts of the city of Valencian. alzira, national police Examines the circumstances in which the death occurred, which was described as violent because of the assaults presented by the body after the first inspection. Nothing is yet known about his identity.

massacre group The National Police in Valencia has taken over the investigation after the inspection that the house has been investigated by the Scientific and Judicial Police, on the border of the municipality of Aljira with Carcassant, between the orchards and fields next to the CV-41 road. It is an old building, with the main doors and windows sealed with wood and accessible through a large side door, protected by a canvas-covered fence. according to the newspaper provinceInside the plot were equipment, two vehicles and a trail of disturbed earth.

Investigators are taking statements from neighbors to find the homeowners, awaiting autopsies that could confirm the cause of death and launching an investigation among their relatives.

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