They hit an old man in the head while robbing the house in Malaga


The 72-year-old man lived alone in Hamiladero. The Civil Guard has already arrested two persons, one of whom has multiple criminal records.

File image of members of the Civil Guard.
File image of members of the Civil Guard.GC

A 72-year-old man from Malaga Municipality temple He was killed this morning after being hit on the head while robbing his house, as indicated by the command of civil guard And Malaga.

Following what happened, members of the Civil Guard arrested two individuals – one of them, “a known criminal” who has “multiple police records” – for alleged commission of offenses of murder, robbery with violence and violation of punishment. For, is confirmed from the Armed Institute.

Anthony the Baptist Municipal sources said that he was a very dear neighbor in the town and though he lived alone, he was always surrounded by family and friends. In fact, it was a cousin whose house was attacked, which alerted 112 about an alleged robbery with violence, which immediately activated various emergency services.

Upon arrival at the scene, agents found a man, already being treated by health services, with a deep wound to his head. Despite efforts by the medical team, the severity of his condition prevented him from doing anything to save the life of Antonio, who died shortly afterwards, he explained.

The Civil Guard has arrested these two persons as alleged perpetrators of robbery and assault, resulting in death in an action directed by the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Antequera (Málaga) and of the biological unit of the Judicial Police of Málaga Civil. made by the members. Guard Command and Antequera Civil Guard Company, however, do not rule out moving forward with new actions.

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