They investigate Generalitat’s allegations of discriminating against police and civil guards with Covid vaccinations.


The court initiated a process at the request of the TSJC, which held that this alleged breach of sanitation “duty” should be investigated.

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  • Courts TSJC urges inquiry into Generalitat’s allegations for delay in vaccination of policemen and civil guards

The new investigation against the Generalitat for discriminating against agents of the National Police and Civil Guard stationed in Catalonia, this time by allegedly not administering the dose of COVID vaccines to them. Barcelona Investigation Court No. 17 is investigating four government officials for delaying the vaccination of police officers and civil guards stationed in this autonomous community and deciding to put the dose before the Mosos d’Esquadra and the local police. The four investigated had responsibilities in the health department when the incidents happened only a year ago.

This is how Carmen Cabezas is cited, first in the position of deputy general director of health promotion and then second in public health secretary, Adri Comella, who was the director of the Catalan health service and is now the manager of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. , and two other public officials who were in charge of organizing vaccinations.

The investigation began after a complaint filed by the professional union of the Jusil Civil Guard and the Jupol National Police Union before the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia as they accused former health minister and current ERC deputy Alba Vargs. However, the TSJC held that the alleged discrimination was committed by those responsible for the department who were in charge of the process and since they are not registered, sent a direction to the court which has initiated the proceedings.

The controversial-administrative section of the TSJC held that there was discrimination against members of the civil guard and police stationed in Catalonia because “the autonomous administration did not have the same desire and commitment to health protection” as with the Mossos d’Esquadra and the local . police. For this reason, Jusil and Jupol considered that it could be a crime of prejudice and another could be against the health of workers.

In its order, the TSJC urged the Court of Inquiry to “make a proper inquiry to find out who can be objectively treated as a guarantor and which officer or officers are concerned by the specific health regulations promulgated in respect of may fail to perform the duty imposed. COVID-19. 19”. Now the judge has commenced investigation and is waiting to know whether the defendants appeal this charge to determine the date of the statements.

Since the start of this investigation, Jusil believes that “it is sad that it is only through decisions adopted by the courts that it is possible for a group of the Civil Guard and the National Police in Catalonia to obtain health care, which The rest of Spain is universal. And the same for all.” All citizens”. “The sentence not only gave us reason, but in the eyes of justice and society in general, it was testified that the Generalitat avoided and failed to perform its obligations by making unquestionable excuses. Now, it will be justice again. One that states whether those responsible for the public health system in Catalonia should be relieved of responsibilities” said Milagros Civico, the provincial secretary of Jusil in Barcelona, ​​adding that “we are in use on equal terms for the Civil Guard and the National Police.” demand. did a service, that of public health, which is universal and egalitarian in Spain”.

The Civil Guards Association also laments the “state of institutional abandonment and the climate of hatred in which the Civil Guard and the National Police find themselves immersed in the performance of their work, resulting in the stigma posed to them by their work and by their families.” their daily lives. A situation that makes Catalonia considered a special singularity region and argues for the work of these public servants”.

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