They investigate the murder of two Pakistani-Spanish sisters by their family as an “honour crime”.


Police in Gujarat city say his family told a “story” to persuade him to travel to the country and he was strangled to death there.

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Pakistani police are investigating the murder of two Pakistani-Spanish sisters in what they believe to be “honour” murders, a patriarchal practice used to rob family honor in the country. is about Anissa Abbaside 24 aos, y Arooj Abbas, 21.

Two women, who were trying to separate from their husbands and lived in Spain, were persuaded to travel to the city of Gujarat, where they were strangled to death during last night, as police spokesman Nauman Hassan told AFP.

“The family invented a story to persuade him to come to Pakistan for a few days,” he later said: “Preliminary indications suggest it is a case of honor killing (…), but the investigation is ongoing” .

both sisters suffer Spouse’s “pressure” -who was also his cousin- to help him go to Spain, according to the police.

Following what happened, authorities are looking for seven members of the sisters’ family on charges of murder.

According to the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, more than 450 crimes were committed last year on the pretext of family honor. Most of the victims are women and it is feared that many cases go unreported.

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