They investigate the theft of the most expensive watch, worth 800,000 euros, from a tourist in Barcelona.


Agents are looking for suspects after identifying them with various security cameras

stock image of robbery
stock image of robbery

One of the most highly valued items by thieves in Barcelona are expensive watches. They also do not hesitate to attack and use violence when there is resistance among many criminals to snatch the victim from her. Robbers spend hours guarding hotels and expensive establishments in the city with the idea of ​​attacking anyone who carries one of these luxury items. And yesterday, those who robbed a tourist in Siut Vela got the most valuable loot.

Notably, the tourist reported the theft of a Hublot gold watch worth 800,000 euros near the Barcelona City Hall, with police presence on some busy streets. According to police sources, this will be the most expensive watch ever stolen in the city. In her complaint, the victim highlighted that she was violently assaulted and provided documents to prove that the watch belonged to her. Mossos d’Esquadra agents have started looking for suspects after looking at cameras installed near the robbery site.

The Barcelona Metropolitan Police area is under investigation by the Mossos unit, created a month ago, which is specialized in combating theft of luxury watches with force. In recent years it has been proven that there has been an increase in robberies to obtain these valuables and that the criminals who commit the act are multi-repetitive. For this reason, the unit is made up of plainclothes and uniformed agents who patrol the tourist areas of the city to prevent these robberies, as well as they have a network for illegal market sales.

Within this specific act against multiple-repetition, Mosos arrested 31 people in the last weekend of May and identified another 53, totaling 684 records, charged with stealing high-gamma watches or attempting to do so. . Most of them were in Siut Vela and at night, when alleged thieves attacked several people and took watches worth 5,000, 9,000 and 42,000 euros before fleeing on an electric scooter. In this case, criminals can be arrested.

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