They investigate the threat that forced the removal of Colombian vice-presidential candidate Francia Marquez from a rally in Bogota


Marquez, a well-known environmental activist, had to escort him after a green laser coming from a building pointing to his face.

Security personnel cover the candidate of France M with shields
Security personnel cover the candidate of Francia Marquez with shields.Charles OrtegaEFE

The Colombian prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the incidents that forced the security team FranceVice Presidential candidate and second of leftist candidate Gustavo Petro to take him down the stage during an act Closing campaign in Bogotás,

On Saturday, during an act in a central square for Afro-Colombianity Day in Bogota, Marquez, a lawyer and a renowned Afro-Colombian environmental activist, got off the stage after that a laser verde coming from a building I’ll point it at your face when he was giving his speech.

Marquez celebrated a great act at the ‘Fiesta del Vivir Sabroso’ in the capital, where Referred to “The Noone” like him: “Political history always told us that politics was not for us, for Colombian nobles and nobles, that politics was not for blacks, for indigenous peoples, for farmers,” he said.

“Today we have a historic responsibility to seize this moment, and to engage in politics. Leave our sons and daughters, our grandchildren, a different ColombiaA different nation that recognizes our diversity”, she assured, minutes before her escort, with a bulletproof shield, would stand in front of her and lead her down the stage, while she continued to address her audience. , “They will not pass! ,

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Márquez, who was awarded the Goldman Prize (Nobel Prize for the Environment) in 2018, has already condemned several threats during the campaign to “finish” them with pamphlets from the paramilitary organization Aguilas Negras, and that Self Was attacked in 2019 When she was in a preparatory meeting for talks between the indigenous people and the government, she was attacked with weapons and grenades.

The Prosecutor’s Office has also reported that it has launched an investigation and “furthers immediate action regarding alleged threats against several journalists in the country, in the sense of silencing their microphones after the May 29 elections.” “

First election round in Colombia Ivan Duke’s successor will be elected next SundayWith Petro as the main favourite, but of course the election will be played in a second round, on June 19 against either the right-wing candidate Federico ‘Fico’ Gutierrez or the populist Rodolfo Hernández.

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