They investigate whether Puigdemont has appointed his circle to study the feasibility of a Russian proposal on cryptocurrencies


Court summons former councilor Elsa Artadi to testify as witness

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  • Courts Putin’s Envoy Offers Cryptocurrency Help to Fund Independent Catalonia

A few days before the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (DUI), the then-president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont met with Russian envoys at his official residence in the Casa dels Canogues, in which he spoke of possible aid to Catalonia once it achieved secession. . Initially, this aid included the presence of 10,000 soldiers and an economic loan to pay off a possible Catalan public debt, always in return, possibly, for legislation on cryptocurrencies.

Although it has been made clear from the independence movement circles that Puigdemont did not heed the proposal, even as the military considered it to be in “bad taste”, the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Barcelona examined some indications. that indicate the opposite. That is why, as ‘El Periodico’ progresses, Elsa Artadi is called to testify as a witness, then one of the people of Puigdemont’s closest circle, later the minister and finally the mayor of Barcelona. resigned a few weeks ago.

Artadi was present at a meeting with Russian envoys to Puigdemont at Casa dels Cannons and then had another meeting with him to talk specifically about cryptocurrencies. Investigators of the Volhov conspiracy believe the former Catalan president was not of Russian interest and reportedly urged some of his close aides to study this interest in cryptocurrencies, while others maintain contact with Kremlin envoys. Something like this must have happened. Even after his escape to Brussels .

According to former CDC official Victor Teradelas before Judge Aguirre a few weeks ago, the Russian envoy was very interested in the regulation of cryptocurrencies as the “currency of the future” and that is why “he asked, “Can we agree on the latter agreement”. Having reached the Declaration of the Republic, they want to be able to agree on a law that can regulate cryptocurrency here.” Teradellus himself told that Puigdemont had thought of Artadi for this case, so more meetings took place and so the court called him as a witness.

What seems clear is that Puigdemont skeptically accepted the Russian proposals, but did not oppose directly, as reported by the independence movement segments, but instead urged them to “keep talking” after the meeting. Did. That is why the court wants to specify how the then chairman of the Generalitat was related to the envoys from the Kremlin side at a delicate political and social moment due to the unilateral declaration of independence.

Vatican Connection

It seems that the meetings of Puigdemont in Barcelona were not just his dealings with Russian envoys. In October 2017, the then-president of the Generalitat asked the Vatican to mediate with the government to confront the conflict over a request for secession, and did so by letter requesting a meeting with Angelo Baciu, then to the Secretary of State. substituted. See holy.

What is surprising, however, is how this request got into the hands of Bekiu. It was given to him by security and international relations specialist Cecilia Marogna, who received it from an Italian businesswoman with contacts in Russia. The meeting could not take place in person and was to be done by video call, but in the private apartment of the Vatican representative and under the supervision of a Russian envoy. Conditions seemed so vague that the proposal was abandoned and Puigdemont was urged to make a formal request to the Secretary of State.

Puigdemont’s possible meeting with representatives of the Vatican, acting as middlemen with the Russians, was revealed last week in a statement by Cecilia Marogna, which judges possible financial irregularities committed by Bexiu.

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