They investigate whether the Teresa sisters traveled to Pakistan under duress or pressure to murder.


Mosos tries to confirm whether his own brothers lied to him, assuring him that his mother was ill and wishing to say goodbye to him before dying.

Both sisters died.
Both sisters died.EM

Did Teresa’s two sisters travel to Pakistan, forced or deceived by their own relatives? That is the extreme confirmed by Mossos d’Esquadra, who today is taking statements from the young women’s relatives to confirm that they did not voluntarily go to their country of origin, where they were murdered to demand breaking up. Has been done. Forced marriage with his cousins ​​which had been imposed on him a year earlier.

Among the hypotheses that the Catalan regional police are trying to clarify is that the young women fled to Pakistan after their relatives reassured them that their mother was seriously ill and wanted to say goodbye to her before she died. This Tuesday Pakistani newspaper points to dawnWhich suggests that it was the brothers of the murdered women who devised the deadly trap without their mother’s consent.

The investigation focuses on finding out whether, as detailed in the newspaper above, the deceased’s mother had traveled to Pakistan two months earlier – leaving her husband in Terasa – and planned to end her life there by her children. Went. her sisters anesa You Aroz Abbasfrom 24 and 21 years respectively.

The thesis that led to the overweight is that his older brother, Shahryari You asfandayarreceived her mother in the town of Mauza Nothia, located in the province of Gujarat – where most Pakistanis living in Catalonia come from – and kept her incommunicado for two months to arouse the concerns of her sisters.

Worrying for them, he would have claimed his presence on his mother’s deathbed and, once he set foot on Pakistani soil, would be brutally murdered by his relatives: especially by those two husbands. with whom they oppose continuing the forced marriage. , his in-laws, his two uncles and one of his brothers.

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