They investigate whether there is a connection between the two fires in the Sierra Bermeja.


Two possible outbreaks are analyzed simultaneously, suggesting that the event may have been intentional. Already 3,500 hectares have been burned, although the fire is stable.

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A helicopter flies over one of the fire-threatening housing estates.Daniel PreziEFE

operatives working on the ground in priestMálaga, where the fire has already devastated some 3,500 hectares of mountain, is considering the possibility that it may have been a deliberate fire and may even be related to the fire that started in September. Last month the surrounding area was devastated, as learned through sources close to the firefighting equipment stationed at El Mundo Benahavs,

In this backdrop, the authorities on Wednesday identified a man who was roaming around the command post located in the area of ​​the ashram with no apparent connection to the troops deployed by the Army. infoca Because according to the counsel witnesses, it was showing a strange attitude.

The fire has put firefighting services on hold for nearly three days and last September the shadow of one that struck the same area and in which a firefighter lost his life inevitably fell on him. Carlos Martinez,

The flames, weather conditions and the geographic location of the land immediately alerted firefighters to the seriousness of what they had on hand and its possible development; In addition, it presented significant similarities with others in its forms and followed the same path.

While it is true that it is still too early to say with certainty that this was the case and other possibilities have not been ruled out, some of the people who had the opportunity to reach ground zero in those first moments claimed to have seen the smoke. Two different sources have been observed. With a distance of about one kilometer between them.

It should also be noted that from the very beginning it has drawn attention to the fact that the spot where the flames erupted is an area that is particularly difficult to reach, through which not even dirt lanes pass And there was no reason for the people in that. Can be found working who may have accidentally started a fire.

As a high voltage line passes through it, it is also thought that a vulture could fall on the cables and literally blow a spark; But the fact that there are two points from which the smoke came out forces us to put that hypothesis to rest. It is very rare, in fact, that the ash has reached so far from where the first focus was, the sources indicated, referring to the power lines.

Another line of investigation is under way to clarify what happened in this new fire. Sierra Bermeja shall relate to the fact that complaints have been received from the guards of the property resin This indicates that in recent times he had stolen several whole gates, he had cut them down and completed them, he specified.

In the incident, which was stabilized by Infoca at the end of this edition, three firefighters are injured – one of them critically and still hospitalized in the Burns unit. Malaga Regional Hospital– and forced the eviction of several thousand people from the Málaga city of Benhavs – including the urban area – and many others scattered throughout Málaga EsteponaBut since Thursday night, they have been able to return to their homes.

The area affected by the flames presents different levels of damage, depending on the sources of the device. In addition, the last neighbors to return to their homes are from urbanization. Montemayor and Valerne Alto,

It is also reported that the firefighter, who was hospitalized in critical condition after suffering burns, has improved and has been shifted to the ward.

To the 3,500 hectares that have been burned in the last week, we have to add 10,000 hectares that have already been burned in the area near the Sierra Bermeja. general valleylast September.

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