They rented luxury cars to ‘rent’ and then sold them: Fraud could reach 10 million


The National Police has arrested 82 people and recovered 58 high-end vehicles in a macro operation in 20 provinces.

Renting allows access to luxury cars with affordable monthly installments
Renting allows access to luxury cars with affordable monthly installments

Agents of the National Police have arrested 82 people and recovered 58 high-end vehicles in a macro operation conducted in more than 20 provinces, against the network accused of committing fraud of 10 million euros through Fraudulent recruitment of car rental services, which, after falsifying documentation, were then sold in Spain and abroad.

prisoners made a strongly structured organization in six nuclei, each with its own structure but intertwined with each other, Alicante, Almera, Jan, Madrid, Murcia and Tarragona. Those arrested are facing charges of fraud, concealment of assets, false documents, extortion and money laundering, among other offences, belonging to a criminal organization.

found in slovenia

The investigation began in February last year when it was discovered With a fake registration certificate in a vehicle for a person of Romanian nationality at the Slovenian border.

Tours owned by a Spanish rental company were registered ten days ago Distributed in Murcia and in that city to the administrator of a company based in Barcelona.

Shortly after, another person attempted to cross the same boundary with another vehicle with similar characteristics, Along with forged documents, a fictitious sales contract and also owned by a Spanish rental company, which was registered a few days earlier and distributed to the administrator of another company based in Almeria in Murcia.

The agents also found out that two people driving the vehicle A few days before entering Spain on a plane with a one-way ticket And it wasn’t the first time.

creation of fake companies

Based on this information the first arrest was made for fraud and false documents. The dynamics of this criminal organization include: To build or use companies dedicated to various activities and to rent vehicles or contract services with offices throughout Spain, However, it also used natural persons for these contracts.

Once the vehicles were in the possession of the organization, the documents were falsified and were transferred to European countries through fictitious sales contracts, where they were offered at low prices to other criminal networks, who in turn sold them to genuine buyers. The cars were also sold in Spain.

very organized

The organization was strongly structured and consisted of people who had different well-defined roles within it. On one hand there were getters who obtained vehicles through companies or in their own names.s to hand them over to the organization later.

Later, middlemen or smugglers were in charge of selling or offering vehicles in the legal market, While others completed the procedures and documents required to obtain the transfer of the cars.

In addition they have Those who, in exchange for financial compensation, provide their identity to carry out fraudulent exchanges Responsible for the ownership of cars, as well as the establishments and sales businesses that conduct the transaction.

more than 60 vehicles

during operation, 82 people arrested of Spanish and Romanian nationality Alicante (33), Jan (18), Madrid (11), Murcia (11), Almería (5), Helin (2), Castellón (1) and Zaragoza (1), And searches have been conducted at homes, legal headquarters of companies and establishments dedicated to the sale of vehicles.

He intervened in the operation 58 high-end vehicles, three tractor units worth over 400,000 euros, over 24,000 euros in cash, Rush of documents and equipment required for counterfeiting. Apart from this, agents have also traced another 50 cars which are being investigated. In this case they could have been achieved with the same fraudulent process.

The researchers observed that some passenger cars have “coves” in different compartments, so It is also being investigated whether the organization may have links with drug trafficking.

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