They rob Sebastian Vettel in the center of Barcelona and he follows the thieves on an electric scooter


Thanks to the geolocator of some headphones, he was able to follow the crooks who got rid of this electronic device

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Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel has had to put his chasing skills into practice, but on a circuit away from the one he is used to when using his car on the track. This Monday morning he faced a robbery at the door of the hotel where he was staying with his family after attending the Montmel Grand Prix this weekend. Some thieves took advantage of the fact that the pilot’s handbag was left in a car with the doors open for reckless pickup, one of the thefts so common among tourists.

Inside the stolen hand bag were not many valuables beyond the pilot’s documentation, but inside it were wireless headphones with a geolocator, which allowed Vettel to board an electric scooter to try to hunt down the thieves.

With the help of the geolocator of his phone and headphones, the Aston Martin Pilot has followed the trail of the handbag towards the city centre, as reported by ‘El Perdico de Catalunya’ and sources confirmed to the media. police. Further, he approached the police who also started a chase and unsuccessfully tried to stop the pilot from proceeding.

In the end, he found the headphones in a store because, presumably, thieves forgot them after verifying that they could be tracked by GPS. It was the end of Vettel’s race and his adventure through Barcelona. Apart from launching an investigation to nab the culprits, the agents continue to search for the handbag and the rest of its contents after receiving a related complaint.

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