They shoot the escort driver of the President of Chile and steal his official car


Three criminals attacked the driver, shot him in the hand, left him and took the vehicle

A man waving the Chilean flag in Santiago.
A man waving the Chilean flag in Santiago.martin burnettiAFP

A driver of the escort group of the President of Chile, Gabriel BorikSantiago was attacked and shot with a shotgun by a group of people who stole a government car on Friday night, police sources reported this Saturday.

The driver, a sergeant from the Carabineros police force, was alone in the vehicle in the city of San Miguel, south of the capital, returning to the President Palacio de la Moneda to leave the car. On the way he is approached by three criminals, who take him to the town of Colina, where they attack him, shoot him in the arm, leave him and take the vehicle.

According to Eduardo Vergara, the Chilean government’s Under Secretary of Crime Prevention, the official escort works in the group’s “extended team”, although he was not a direct guard to the president. Local media reported that the affected man was left with cuts to the cheekbone and skull, in addition to ballistic impact injuries.

The police officer was treated by a passerby who was near the spot and helped take him to the police station, from where he was taken to the hospital. same day, Three armed men entered to rob Defense Minister’s house, Maya Fernandez, for stealing items and a vehicle, as confirmed by police sources. She was not at home, but her husband and son were there, who sustained minor injuries.

“We must redouble our commitment to security (…) We must increase the level of efficiency in dealing with crimes in Chile,” said Under-Secretary Vergara.

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