They Successfully Transplanted 3D Printed Ears Based on Human Cells


Intervention on 20-year-old patient could open door to future reconstruction of other organs using same technique

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3D ear transplant made from living cells.AFP
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It sounds like science fiction, but it’s already a reality. 20 year old woman with birth defect have had a successful ear transplant 3D printed from your own cell, as reported Thursday by the company responsible for the advance. 3DBio Therapeutics, based in Queens, New York, calls this an “unprecedented reconstruction procedure,” the first of its kind to be performed with living tissue.

The implant, designed for patients with microtia, a malformation characterized by a congenital anomaly of the outer ear or its complete absence, is part of a clinical trial involving 11 patients and is in full development. Experts believe that Complete success is yet to be talked about because problems or reactions to the transplant may occur.But the fact that they worked with tissue from the same patient means that Don’t wait for rejection.

The operation was directed by Doctor Arturo Bonilla, a pediatric reconstructive ear and microtia surgeon, founder and director of the Congenital Microtia Institute in San Antonio, Texas. “As a physician who has treated thousands of children with microtia across the country and around the world, I am inspired by what this technology can mean for microtia patients and their families,” Bonilla said.

this is a Pathology that affects approximately 1,500 children in the United States, The causes are usually unknown in most cases, although it is sometimes attributed to a genetic problem. Daniel Cohen, CEO and co-founder of 3DBio Therapeutics, is confident that this clinical trial “could demonstrate the technology’s potential for providing live tissue transplantation to other therapeutic areas.” it is the culmination of As well as seven years of dedicated effort to develop this kind of technology.

The new ear was made on the printer as three dimensions as possible to imitate the patient’s limb, a young Mexican. It is expected that it will continue to regenerate cartilage tissue over time, giving it a more natural appearance.

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3D bioimplantation of ear lobe.Cortesa 3D Bio TherapeuticsAFP

The New York company does not want to share specific details as to the security of its technology, but is regarded by scientists as a significant advance. That could translate into similar implants for other parts of the body, including the nose or meniscus.

The operation, performed in March, follows the transplant of a genetically modified pig heart to a Maryland patient David Bennett in January, an operation considered successful, even though Bennett died two months later.

Mexican patient Alexa, who received an ear transplant, assures she’s excited about her new appearance, even though she’s under bandages, a condition she says didn’t cause problems with her classmates and It was her teen years that led her to become more aware of the problem in order to lose weight. “I feel like my self-esteem has improved now,” he said.

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