Thirty former prisoners hold tribute day to 184 imprisoned ETA members in Jarautz


Socialist spokeswoman Gloria Vazquez claimed that events scheduled for Saturday 18 June would be postponed with concentration, food and festivities.

A resident of Jaroutz walks next to a banner calling for the release of two prisoners from the town of Gipuzkoa.
A resident of Jaroutz walks next to a banner calling for the release of two prisoners from the town of Gipuzkoa.AP

A group of former ETA prisoners have organized a tribute day next Saturday, June 18. zaroutz 184 gang members who are in jail. The functions will begin with a concentration and continue throughout the day and into parts of the night as the celebration of the festival is planned. Socialist spokesperson and councilor in the council Gloria Vazquez These acts have been condemned in a town where the gang killed 20 people.

“It is unfortunate that there are those who still persist and seek to glorify those who have been convicted of murder, intimidation, blackmail and relating to or collaborating with ETA, the latter of which has been a large part of bloody criminal history.” There have been a number of killings and injuries. terrorist groups”, Vzquez denounced as being part of a government team made up of PNV and PSU-EE led by the mayor Xabier Churuka.

The event is organized by a group called free them all And that, according to Vazquez, is made up of 33 former prisoners of the terrorist group. On posters announcing protest day 184 Taupada (184 beats, in Basque) A concentration is announced from 12 noon after which parades, a concert and a popular meal with various guests will be held to continue the celebration. The group had already organized a reception for a local ETA member, which was not disclosed.

“ETA has murdered 20 people in Jaroutz in its criminal history, including the first female police officer, Maria Jose Garcia You Negal Berazadi, He was murdered after being kidnapped. Journalists and collaborators of Zarauztar, Gorka Landburu You leticia ituraine“He has been physically and mentally marked for life,” Vazquez said in a statement.

The announcement of the day of the celebration is made public when the stage all has complained to the jail management pamplona The Basque government is using in three prisons relocated on October 1, 2021, to apply the same criteria to ETA prisoners. iruia (Pamplona, ​​in Basque) is stubborn in a stable position, in a completely different line of action with which it is maintained in prisons managed by the Basque government”, warned the representatives of SARE and the group of relatives of ETA prisoners. . House.

According to these two groups supporting gang detainees, which are seven pamplona have already requested for transfer to the jails of lava and of guipazcoa Managed by Counselor Beatriz Artolazbali (PNV). Pressure for the leadership of the prison of the capital of Navarrese to provide more permit facilities and a third degree will be seen in a march to be held next Saturday the 18th in Pamplona.

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