This Haircut Rejuvenates You, Expert Words

Guess, guess. Which is such a haircut, which, regardless of age, is liked by all types of faces due to its versatility, which rejuvenates When a few years have already passed and it’s time to finish it, is it in trend?

answer exists The haircut that rejuvenates is a reality, and barbers support this theory. But before we start exploring what it is, and before revealing all her hairstyling secrets and tricks, It must be said that, despite the fact that one cut is above the others, which is years away from us, That’s not the only way to look happy thanks for the hair

Long hair makes you old and dispels other myths

If we talk about the insoluble binomial of the argument which is haircut and age, Just like there are cuts that add volume fine hair As in the art of Birlibirlok, other people have, in fact, the same result as drinking at the source. eternal youth.

However, maybe this hairstyle is not what we think. Because it was going on for a long time that from an age, The short look, the pixie or garcon type, was the only option. For example, our grandmother, or at least mine, and even my mother, who turned 40, some, and 50, another, they cut the ponytail Which postin bullfighter.

Thus we arrive today like a temple with one truth: that long hair too They can be worn with style, Elegance, and at every age, without adding a single year to the DNI.

support it ‘revolutionary’ doctrine Barber david lorente (with a salon of the same name in Madrid), which underlines that “it is believed that long hair makes you old And at one age you have to sacrifice centimeters and yet, that it is not true”. and explains theory with practice.

“It’s the French we should be seeing: the aptly named ‘French Bob’, the wide flexuillos And open on maxi hair, layers that have already turned 45 protect so well Marion Cotillard, Caroline de Maigret, Ines de la Fresange are cut Revitalize Features And look normally”, he emphatically confirms.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

This is the haircut that rejuvenates you

Speaking of hair, open the cantaloupe to everything that rejuvenates, it’s time to introduce For the cut that rejuvenates Most of all, which scissor experts agree. And that’s it, drum roll… Historic Bob.

Considering a reality, that is, as time goes by hair is getting thinner And, therefore, “it is necessary to seek” cuts that increase quantity”, As David Llorente outlines, if a single cut were to be chosen, “it would be one cap that does not reach the shoulders, a little faded, With a long, angled built-in bang that blends effortlessly into the sides,” Barber continues.

This cut suits almost all types of faces. Square, round and oval.

Very much agree with Lorrente, but with a slight nuance, the hairdresser is shown Veronica Castro, of Vanitas Espa (Barcelona): “A very short bob can take a few years, it is better to choose a long bob, which is suitable for all ages.”

The reason for Bob’s success is that “with a good blow-dry You can create a modern look without being submerged in water, and if you apply a texturizing wax Or a salt spray can give it a more beachy feel that’s so flattering,” Castro defends.

Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery

How to Style the Cut That Rejuvenates the Most

When it comes to styling the bob with maximum rejuvenating effect, “in the case of” Straight hair demands least effort and that would be enough air dry it so that everything fits; with the waves It’s even more youthful and only a little work will be required plus bangs, If it is carried”, says David Llorente.

In fine or sparse hair, it would be better to have a side parting, as the experts continue, suggesting more volume, in addition to brushing each strand in one direction, Alternately open the mane.

And if you have curls or waves? “Better not to try to discipline them and take advantage of of extra thickness They imitate,” recommends Barber.

Veronica Castro also points out that a bob very one sided and the texture is very modern On good faces and he adds, with a line in the middle, completely changes because give More youthful air.

One final point from Castro: “If you wear bangs, changing it to the side is curious and also contributes to A new look to see”

Oh! And one final warning: “Be careful! carding It takes years on this,” says David Llorente.

Other Cuts That Rejuvenate

With Bob as the clear winner, other opinions about coexistence The cut that rejuvenates the most.

“In general, trend cuts renew our image and help us show a youthful attitude. This is what happens with shorts like pixie, bixie or mullet which wears off over the years due to the fact that they are fresh. and are up-to-date”, he declares. Maria Jose Lalata from the hairdresser Lata Karera (Santa Cruz de Bezana, Cantabria).

To make them even more attractive, experts recommend wear them a little disheveled And with the bangs parade.

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