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Double degrees and degrees in medicine were once again careers that required higher grades from students last year

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over the month of june 200,000 students All Spain faces the most important exam of its entire preparatory stage: the Selectividad or EBAU (Baccalaureate Assessment for University Access) as it is now known.

By June 16, those who opt for the university will have to take an entrance test—which this year will retain the same format that was implemented in the last two courses as a result of the pandemic—and pass the cut-off mark that will allow them to enter. allows. desired degree. the rioja been the first to call his students, while Catalonia, Andaluca and autonomous cities ceuta You melilla They have to wait till 14th.

Once Level Some doubts begin to arise among the students: “Will I be able to reach the career I want?”, “What grade do I want to get?” “And if I don’t have enough notes?” The concern is not so much in passing, but in the grades obtained, which will be decisive for the future of the student. 90% of those who opted in between 2015 and 2021 approved, according to university entrance exam statistics Which is published by the Ministry of Education and in the last call, the approved records were broken with 94%. However, if you aspire to study at a public university, reaching five is not enough in many cases to choose the desired path.

In this sense, universities establish each year note cutting of the previous year, i.e. the lowest grade of EBAU with which the students were able to rank in each degree. The information is not definitive, however, as the cut-off mark varies from year to year and the margin in some grades may be wider than in others, giving students the minimum required to study in different grades in different grades. Allows to get an approximate idea of. Spanish University.

In the following table you can see what was the cut-off marks in the final course entrance exam, as per the information published by Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Search a degree, a university name to see the result.

double degree or PCEO (Combined Programming of Official Teaching) In general, those are the ones who register the highest cut-off marks, especially those that belong to the branch of science and especially those that involve mathematics. Therefore, the podium is occupied by a double degree maths and physics Feather Complutense University of MadridWith a cut-off mark of 13.85 out of 14, which means that the student must not only have an excellent record in the Baccalaureate but also have a threshold of perfection in EBAU.

In other universities, the score for reaching the corresponding degree is 12.88, which is requested Oviedo University and 13.7K University of Granada,

medicine It is one of the most sought after races for its reach. The highest cut off marks were given in Madrid. Complutense University put the cutoff at 13.50, while the last student to get into the Autonomous University was 13.46. The Valencian community also recorded the highest grades in the whole of Spain for medical studies, while the lowest were Catalonia13 below.

Despite the fact that science leads the ranking of degrees with the most complex approaches, the 12th place is occupied by double degrees International Studies and Law at the Complutense University of Madrid, with 13.58.

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