This is how Queen Letizia manages to have strong and marked abs


At first he blew us off his shoulders and arms. Then with his twins. Now, the strategic opening of the fuchsia dress she wore during an act in Valencia has sparked discreetly perfect disdain. your secret? Diet, physical activity and an iron desire


By now, we already know that sagging his hands do not know the words, which their triceps chiseled to be wing-proof and that their biceps They are the perfect setting for any handshake. Also make their shoulders look strong and proud. and that their mighty Twins Like the authentic wild boar they endure the torture of high heels that are very much in style in official acts.

Now, thanks to the stunning fuchsia dress from the brand ‘Serendipity’ strategically open at the waist, we’re able to catch a glimpse of relief Right skew.

There is no doubt that, although Queen Letizia is endowed with a privileged genetics, he ‘worked’ and went through a lot to be more and more in shape. in just a decade, her slim anatomy is sculptedact honestly musculature Beyond beauty appreciation, health is key, especially after 40 years.

Because, it is worth remembering, a quality muscle mass It is a guarantor not only for our posture, but also for our health. bones or feed us Vs, But, in addition, it is important so that our metabolic system Works at its best while increasing calorie burning even when we are at rest.

skinny, those who know him know that both on currencylike that iron belly What she has stunned us with (which we haven’t seen before) are the result of the classical dance classes she attended in her childhood.

A perfect ‘six pack’ that she has managed to maintain, after two pregnancies, thanks to her persistence in the gym but above all, on the table. Because, as they say in the fitness world, “Abs are achieved in the kitchen“While following a balanced and clean diet.

Apparently, Letizia’s secret to achieving this is known as the Perricone Diet. Developed by the American dermatologist Nicolas Perricone, considered one of the fathers of the Theory of Aging, this diet is also known as eternal youth and, basically, advocated the consumption of ten types of food. : 1. Omega 3: especially salmon and tuna; 2.Fiber rich fruits: Pineapple, pear, apple, red fruit, cherry, etc .; 3. Good Fats: especially avocado; 4. Chili and Chili, those who produce gratification; 5. Vegetables, such as broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, swiss chard, tomatoes; 6. Legumes: Above all, lentils; 7. Probiotic yogurt and fermented milk products; 8. Flax seeds and nuts; 9. Whole grains, In particular, oatmeal; You 10. Spices: Turmeric, Nutmeg, Ginger, Basil, etc.

What have you eaten till now? what Not to be tasted are sugar and derivativesWhite flour (pizza, pasta, etc.), Hydrogenated fats and certain fruits (oranges, mangoes, watermelon, bananas, grapes) and vegetables (carrots, pumpkins and potatoes). as well Consumption of alcohol is prohibited, an order the Queen follows to the letter.

So far, the diet chapter, but what about physical activity? Although we’d love to see her train, here’s also the guesswork that, considering her perfect anatomy, all the ballots are true. It is said that Letizia works out every day at La Jarzuela Gym with a personal trainer. in addition to the following PilatesDiscipline, which is without a doubt, one of the keys to her perfect body posture and that toned stomach, the queen demonstrates. Strength routine with your own weights, elastic bands, weights and trucks, Apparently, those perfect triceps are the result of some background she’s accustomed to.

postural hygiene, guarantor of mobility and physical and mental well-being, Total It is one of her favorite subjects along with Zumba, which is a group activity that, as they say, she practiced on weekends with a group of moms from their daughters’ school.

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