This is how Russia managed to penetrate the Azovstal pavement: the Ukrainian “traitor” who led troops through underground tunnels


Ukraine accuses Russia of breaching the perimeter of the shelter, while Russia denies it

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The information is conflicting. Ukraine charged up Russia to break the ceasefire in the area of ​​the pavement of azovastalThe last stronghold of the Ukrainian resistance Mariupoland continue attacking the plant while Moscow refuses According to the latest count by the U.S., the offensive has resumed against the factory, where there are still about 200 civilians. Kyiv,

While the evacuation of civilians continues after more than two months without electricity, water or external communications, details of an alleged Russian attack on a steel factory, a sprawling industrial complex with hundreds of secret tunnels, may end this Friday. Comes. Light. Organized in seven floors.

“The Russians do not honor their promise of a ceasefire and do not allow civilians to be evacuated,” he wrote on Telegram Svyatoslav Palmarideputy commander of Azov Regimentwhich protects the steel installation.

Ministry of Defence Russia On this Wednesday, May 5, 6 and 7 promised to open humanitarian corridors to evacuate all civilians azovastal In the direction of “they choose” with reference to areas controlled by the Russian military or government Kyiv,

Palmar called on Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and the international community to “react appropriately” and put pressure on them. Russia To allow the evacuation of civilians and wounded fighters at the plant.

Russia ensures humanitarian corridors are open

“These days there will be corridors for citizens to exit,” insisted the spokesperson Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, nature of Russia The guarantee of the “safe exit” of citizens from the sidewalk was also expressed today by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Naftali Bennett,

According to the data so far, ONUfrom azovastal About a hundred civilians who took refuge in the plant during the Russian siege of the city are gone.

Most of those rescued were relocated zaporiaAbout 220 km from Maripol and under the control of the authorities KyivAlthough some chose to live in the devastated city.

The “traitors” who showed the way to the Russians

At the same time, the Ukrainian side assured that azovastal The entry of Russian troops into the territory of the plant is causing “heavy fighting”. “Nobody has expelled anyone. There is a heavy fighting going on,” Palmar told Ukrainian television.

Hours ago, Advisor to the President Oleksiy Erestovich reported that, according to the data available at the time, the Russians had been expelled from the country. azovastal,

News about the dissolution of the Russians in azovastalwhere the last defenders of almost two months MariupolHappened on this Wednesday.

according to this KyivEnemy forces were able to bypass Ukrainian defenses because of “a traitor” who, according to the adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton GerashchenkoThere is a former plant worker who agreed to show the Russians the “underground tunnels” that lead to the sidewalk.

Gerashchenko said on Facebook, “The Russians started raiding the tunnels with the help of information from that traitor (…), but our defenders are still fighting.” Mariupol go down in history.

Moscow says there has been no attack on the sidewalk

commenting on information about azovastalThe Kremlin He assured this Thursday that his forces would continue to comply with the President’s order not to attack the sidewalks.

“The Ukrainian side, especially those who take refuge in the area of ​​the plant (from .) azovastal), known for churning out a lot of lies and fakes on an ongoing basis. Therefore, the information received from them should be filtered in the most detailed manner,” said the spokesman for the Russian Presidency.

Ukrainian soldiers sing inside Mariupol’s sidewalk tunnelsWorld

representatives of Kremlin He has insisted that the order to suspend the attack on the sidewalk remains in force, although he insisted that the blockade of the factory continues.

Putin Last April 21 order to stop the attack of azovastalAn area of ​​11 square kilometers, to avoid casualties, but at the same time ordered to block the industrial area in such a way that “not a single fly came out.”

Russia control the rest Mariupolwho this Wednesday visited a senior official of the Russian presidential administration.

according to this Ukraine, musk intends to celebrate in the Ukrainian city Victory Day over Nazi Germanywhich is celebrated every 9 May, and “airs stories on Russian television about the ‘joy’ with which local residents greet Russian occupation troops.”

Ukrainian counter-attack

Simultaneously, the Ukrainian army launched a counter-attack in the direction of jarkov I isiumin the east of Ukraine,

This was announced this Thursday by the Chief of the Armed Forces Ukraine, Valery ZaluznyDuring an interaction with the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, AmericaGeneral Mark Milleaccording to rotary Ukrainian Pravda,

according to this zaluzniThe Russians have now concentrated their efforts in the region of LuganskWhere “Intense Fighting” Continues in Nearby Cities dangerous, kremenaya You torskoye,

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