This is ‘La Bomba’, a drug sold in the form of a gummy bear that has arrived in Spain


Police have seized an 11kg gummy bear pregnant with 25N-NBOMe, a powerful hallucinogen, in Malaga.

Jelly beans confiscated.
Jelly beans confiscated.national police
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The National Police has intervened in Malaga 11 kg gummy bear they were pregnant with the drug 25N-NBOMe, This is a hallucinogenic substance known as ‘the bomb’. But, what is the health effect of this drug? Why is it sold as Jelly Bean?

25N-NBOMe to a . sold as LSD Alternatives or mescaline and, although there are many forms of this substance, the one found in gummy bears is the most potent because its effects last for a very long time in the body and last for at least 12 hours when only taken in small amounts.

According to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, the substance called ‘the bomb’ has a strong bitter metallic taste, so some distributors add mint or fruit flavorings to soften the taste, which may suggest that it is sticky. Why is it sold with size.

Its side effects include visual hallucinations, euphoria, pupil dilation, or changes in sensory perception, but can also cause nausea, confusion, paranoia, anxiety, or death.

delivered through parcel companies

In the case of Málaga, the police dismantled a gang based in the towns of Benalmadena, Alhorn el Grande and Con, believed to have been dedicated to international drug trafficking, for which it used distribution channels to parcel companies. was used as

The operation began after becoming aware of a set of suspicious packages and letters Which contained medicines, which had reached one of the main parcel operators in the country for shipment overseas.

After obtaining authorization from the judicial authority, investigators uncovered 209 packages and letters, which contained 1,762 grams of various designer narcotics in various formats and arrangements.

Shipments were made through letters in which the logos of the senders who came from fake companies, or the logos of companies with non-existent addresses, appeared to give them a legit appearance.

Many packages also contained customs material declaration stickers, although they were counterfeit and printed with a conventional printer.

The letters were deposited in various public mailboxes in the cities of Benalmadena and Torremolinos.

most intervention drugs They were derivatives of controlled substances, i.e. substances that have the same effect on consumers MDMA, ketamine, cocaine, or mephedroneBut with minor changes in their composition, which made them new and, therefore, off the official list of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

The investigation led agents to identify the leader of the organization, a British national living in Alhorn el Grande.

Police verified how the person under investigation gathered all the necessary materials to prepare for the shipment and that he used several associates to deliver correspondence through mailboxes.

In the exploitation phase of the investigation, seven searches were conducted at various homes, farms, storage rooms and premises in Benalmadena, Cratama, Alhorn el Grande and Málaga.

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